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Garfield Whyte – author of TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod, Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill and Feelings.

  • “Thank you for the very kind review! I loved reading your perspective on Sad Perfect and I appreciate that you put up a review!”

Stephanie Elliot – author of Sad Perfect

  • “When writing, it’s not always easy to find reliable and quick beta support to give honest critiques. I was thrilled to have found Jodie who was quick and responsive to the needs of my manuscript. Jodie was a fantastic support to me as I embarked upon writing my second novel. She was able to provide prompt and succinct advice throughout the process and enabled me to truly view my novel more objectively. She offered constructive and solid advice on many elements such as characterization, plot, consistencies and pacing. Overall, I’d definitely recommend Jodie. She is clearly an avid reader and is able to elegantly direct improvement elements, strengths and weaknesses of a story. Her final report was detailed and thorough and gave me the direction I needed to improve my book and strengthen my characters. An easy ten out of ten. Thank you Jodie!”

Emily James, Author of 10 Dates & Mistake of my Past

  • I asked Jodie to review my book as I liked the honesty, content and thoroughness of the other reviews that she’d written on her blog. When my review came through, I was really impressed with the detail. Jodie broke my two hundred very short stories up into four sets of fifty and, for each set, she summarized the main genres and highlighted the stories that had particularly resonated with her. I would highly recommend Jodie’s reviewing services and won’t hesitate to ask her to review future books that I might write

Helen Keeling-Marston, author of Two Hundred Very Short Stories

  • Jodie Cook has reviewed a number of my novels. Her writing style is crisp and clear and her reviews are thoughtful, insightful, and show a very good understanding of plot development, pace, character development, story arc and themes, among other story elements. Her reviews are well-written and very thorough, detailing development of the story from beginning to end, without giving away too much.

    Jodie also posts her reviews on a number of websites, including her own website, along with cover images to give the reader a visual perspective of what they might expect with your novel. The role book reviews play in book promotion and sales continues to increase. If you are looking for a book reviewer who will give you a fair, honest and unbiased review of your novel, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jodie Cook. She does an excellent job.

William Blackwell, author of the Assaulted Souls Trilogy, The Rage Trilogy & many more

  • Jodie Cook did a very thorough, well thought out review for one of my books. Not only did she go into great detail on both the characters and plot, but she also did it in a sensitive and kind manner. She was very detailed and broke the novel down into manageable pieces for potential readers without giving too much away. She really is one of a kind and I’d recommend her services any day. Thank you for giving me your perspective on my novel, Jodie!

Baileigh Higgins – Author of Last Another Day

  • Jodie provided honest, comprehensive reviews of my books, including feedback which was helpful when writing the next book.

Tessa Buckley – Author of Eye Spy & Eye Spy II: Haunted

  • “Jodie reviewed the first two books in my YA Fantasy Romance Series and I was super-impressed by her detailed reviews and her understanding of the story was top class. It’s not every day that you find someone who gets your story, plot and characters and is able to provide an in-depth review that’s not only helpful but one that helps shape future books in the series. I was so pleased with her reviews that I commissioned her to beta read the third book in my series. And wow, she excelled. She has a keen eye for detail, awesome grasp of the plot and provides encouragement as well as honest and constructive feedback that is gold dust to any author. I’m so happy with her service and I’ve asked her to beta read the fourth book in my series and can’t wait to work with her again.”

Lorraine M.L.M – Author of the Heart of the Ocean Series