• “Need a thorough beta read, one that will provide the best assessment of your manuscript? Then look no further, contact Jodie. her in depth and very thorough beta read is just what the “script doctor” ordered. She provides a well thought out list of check points and areas for improvement that guides her assessment, that in turn gives the author a check list as to what need amending. No author wants to be published and then not be ready for the big stage…so Jodie will help you over that hump. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Garfield Whyte – author of TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod, Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill and Feelings.

  • “Thank you for the very kind review! I loved reading your perspective on Sad Perfect and I appreciate that you put up a review!”

Stephanie Elliot – author of Sad Perfect

  • “When writing, it’s not always easy to find reliable and quick beta support to give honest critiques. I was thrilled to have found Jodie who was quick and responsive to the needs of my manuscript. Jodie was a fantastic support to me as I embarked upon writing my second novel. She was able to provide prompt and succinct advice throughout the process and enabled me to truly view my novel more objectively. She offered constructive and solid advice on many elements such as characterization, plot, consistencies and pacing. Overall, I’d definitely recommend Jodie. She is clearly an avid reader and is able to elegantly direct improvement elements, strengths and weaknesses of a story. Her final report was detailed and thorough and gave me the direction I needed to improve my book and strengthen my characters. An easy ten out of ten. Thank you Jodie!”

Emily James, Author of 10 Dates & Mistake of my Past