Once and For All by Sarah Dessen SNEAK PEAK

415juKU54GL._SY346_This sneak peak of Once and for all was amazing we meet Louna who is preparing to take over her mother’s wedding business some day. We join Louna, her mother Natalie and her mother’s business partner William as they see through a wedding with a bride who has cold feet and the eventually aftermath of this. We also learn of Louna`s upbringing and childhood, at the time of her birth Louna`s parents where both hippies but eventually her father Louis left leaving Natalie to raise Louna by herself.

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Buying the Virgin (Books 1-5) by Simone Leigh

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Title: Buying The Virgin (Books 1-5)

Author: Simone Leigh

Genre: Erotic Fiction

Rating: *****

Review: The first book The Virgin: Auctioned was amazing, we meet Charlotte who is auctioning her virginity and her body for one week to the highest bidder in order to put herself through college after the collapse of her marriage. Her new Master tells her she can make even more money by allowing him to share her with others during their week which is eventually agrees to. I thought this was a great opening scene to the story and a great opening to the series. James her Master does agree to share her but on their first night together its just them as he takes her virginity and introduced her to the wonders and pleasures of sex. James isn’t cruel or rough with Charlotte in fact he does everything and anything he can to help with her nerves and he even tells her what he is doing so nothing surprises her.

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Champion by Marie Lu

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Title: Champion

Author: Marie Lu

Genre: Dystopian/Action/Romance

Rating: ****

Review: After waiting to read Champion for so long, because I was putting it off because of the mixed reviews about this conclusion but I am very glad I did read it because I wasn’t disappointed, Champion is everything a dystopian finale should be—full of heart-pounding danger, complicated emotions and impossible decisions for the characters we’ve grown to love. When we begin Champion, we find Day and June a bit out of their element. They’ve given their support to Anden as the new Elector to the Republic, and it has changed their lives dramatically. Day is a celebrity, no longer cowering in the shadows with the Patriots, but living in comfort and trying to keep a low profile with his brother Eden, all while nursing a dark secret. June is the Princeps-Elect, no longer patrolling the streets as part of the Republic’s military forces, but spending her days trailing Anden and attending Senate meetings full of political bickering.

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Pierced by Sydney Landon

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Title: Pierced

Author: Sydney Landon

Genre: Erotic Fiction/Suspense

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Pierced was great we meet Lucian looking for a date to avoid Monique Chandler an ex-conquest who has her eyes set on Lucian again. Lucian`s best friend Aidan suggests hiring a date to keep Monique off his back to which he agrees. We then change perspective to that of Lia who I assume is going to be the female lead in this story. Lia very early on in the story is extremely well developed we learn she is in her final year at university and does the escorting for tuition money although she doesn’t do the sexual side. This could be because she suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of step father Jim and he neglectful mother ignored her pleas for help but she has good friends like Rose to support her.

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The Princess, The Pea & The Night of Passion by Rosetta Bloom

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Title: The Princess, The Pea & The Night of Passion

Author: Rosetta Bloom

Genre: Erotic Fiction/Retelling

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to The Princess, The Pea & The Night of Passion was great we meet Prince Richard who is seeking out Lionel`s daughter so he can cure his randiness he is stuck in the castle due to a storm when Adara Tafweek; a princess from another kingdom arrives to seek shelter from the downpour. We learn that Adara has fled from her home after being arranged to marry an old Sultan with several other wives and she is looking for someone who loves and wants her alone.

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The Guardian’s Balance by Scott Schroeder

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Title: The Guardian’s Balance

Author: Scott Schroeder

Genre: Fantasy/Action

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to the Guardian’s Balance was good we meet Kain who is a Hunter of the Order were which basically means he is a highly trained killer. A hunters job is to hunt and destroy all manner of fantastical creature for example mermaids, fae and creatures known as Lich. Kain recently had a run in with a Lich leaving him not only with scars but some supernatural abilities he keeps hidden. When Kain meets the Huntsmaster Erik by personal invitation he knows something serious is happening. He is told of mysterious things happening in the New World and that a sin-eater was sent out as a scout and return catatonic and near insane which is why Kain is being sent out to investigate further.This opening chapter was really difficult for me to read and confusing as well. It reads more like a second book in a series would read. We are introduced to the Order, mystical beings like Lich and are given little or no description of them or what they are capable of, it is like the author expects us to know these things. Another issue I had was we are given no background on the society all we know is that the story is set in 1591 AD and little else making us the reader work extremely hard to understand what should be basic information.

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