Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco Review


Book Review

Title: Stalking Jack the Ripper

Author: Kerri Maniscalco

Genre: YA/Historical Fiction/Horror

Rating: download

Review: In the opening of Stalking Jack the Ripper we are introduced to Professor Jonathan Wadsworth and his niece Audrey Rose who is being trained as an undertaker in August of 1888. One night they are interrupted by an unnamed male when Audrey mentions going to school which turns out to be Harrow School for Boys so she will be disguised.

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Aftercare Instructions by Bonnie Pipkin Review


Book Review

Title: Aftercare Instructions

Author: Bonnie Pipkin

Genre: YA/Coming of Age

Rating: download

Review: The opening of Aftercare Instructions was, we are introduced to Gen who is heading for an abortion when her boyfriend Peter abandons her outside and she has to cope with the aftermath alone. We then flashback to a scene where Gen and her best friend Rose are hanging out after the death of her father and they mention Peter who seems to be a good Christian boy before the pregnancy and Gen has a crush on him, but we aren’t sure how he goes from that boy to the one that abandons his pregnant girlfriend at Planned Parenthood.

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Junior Braves of the Apocalypse by Greg Smith Review


Book Review

Title: Junior Braves of the Apocalypse

Author: Greg Smith (Author), Michael Tanner (Author), Zach Lehner (Illustrator)

Genre: Graphic Novel

Rating: 3

Review: So, this graphic novel opens in Roseland, Washington where we meet Marvin, Lucas and their parents who all seem to be Lutherans which isn’t common in the place they are living at the moment, but he is still determined to go on the Junior Brave Camp out. We also meet a lot of other boys going to the camp out as they head out on their journey. However, they soon learn they aren’t going to the registered camp but to a wild reserve and while some of the boys are uncomfortable with this they soon settle into camp life when they see where they will be staying.

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Jay I love you and even if I have to wait a decade between your books I would still buy them.

Jay Kristoff - Literary Giant

sad darkdawn_front

Hello droogs,

Some of you have noticed some confusion about the release date for DARKDAWN in the last couple of weeks – Amazon says one thing, Goodreads says another, and so on.

Folks have asked me about this on twitter. I did notice, I promise. And apologies I haven’t made an announcement sooner, but I was tied up on the LIFEL1K3 release schedule and tour. Now that my post-apocalyptic baby is out in the world, I can turn attentions back to my more murderous child.

So, the bad news: The release date for DARKDAWN has been pushed to September 2019. Which, I know, is more than a year away. And I know a lot of you were really fucking looking forward to getting it this year and yes, this sucks. So, allow me to explain.

Writing the Nevernight Chronicles has been a slightly different experience to writing my other series…

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Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman Review


Book Review

Title: Starfish

Author: Akemi Dawn Bowman

Genre: YA/Family Issues/Abuse

Rating: download

Review: The opening to Starfish was interesting, we are introduced to Kiko Himura who is desperate to get into her dream art school; Prism but she doesn’t feel she is good enough especially in her mother’s eyes. Her mother and brother Taro aren’t characters I especially like they make Kiko feel small and useless when she is actually amazing. Kiko is a straight-A student, works full time and is finding time to build an art portfolio.

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Magical Arts Academy: First Spell by Lucia Ashta Review


Book Review

Title: Magical Arts Academy: First Spell

Author: Lucia Ashta

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Adventure

Rating: 4

Review: The opening to Magical Arts Academy: First Spell was great, we meet 16-year-old Isadora and her brother Hernando who up until recently were living with their Uncle because their parents are off elsewhere in the world bringing culture to savages, almost like they are missionaries. However, the novel opens with both Isa and Nando being basically sold to a mysterious stranger and being sent somewhere unknown.

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Dragon School: Bright Hopes by Sarah K. L. Wilson Review


Book Review

Title: Dragon School: Bright Hopes

Author: Sarah K. L. Wilson

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Adventure/Romance

Rating: download

Review: After the completely breath-taking ending of Dark Night I honestly had no idea what to expect from Bright Hopes. As expected we pick up exactly where we left off. So, the remaining riders and dragons have escaped the warrens and are trying to get to some form of safety before the Ifrits catch up to them again.

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