Review Policy

Review Policy


I will accept all copies for review as long as they co-operate with my review policy. When I finish a review copy I will keep it or loan it to other bloggers who express interest in reading it. I am also open to author interviews, giveaways if my followers and myself are interested in the novel.

Review Guidelines

I accept print copies, finished books, ARC’s and all digital file types. I accept books from all publishers and authors including self-published and indie. I accept all genres although I prefer fiction to non-fiction.  

Star Rating

***** – I loved this book

**** – I enjoyed the book but it didn’t have the “wow” factor for me

*** – It’s good but average

** – Not really my cup of tea

*- I didn’t enjoy it but still completed it

All reviews will be posted on my blog:

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If you wish to send me your book for review please fill in the contact form.