Santa Baby by Cassie Mint

Book Review

Title: Santa Baby by Cassie Mint

Genre: Erotic, Romance

Rating: 3.5 Stars

I haven’t read anything by Cassie Mint in the past but her Christmas themed novella seemed like a good place to start. I know this is holiday themed but I never have the urge to read these kinds of books during the holiday seasons for some reason so I am reading it in the summer. This novella only took me about 20 minutes to read from beginning to end so I would recommend the kindle edition if you can get it because it is so quick to read. The story is following Clara, a teenage runaway who is taken in by a bar owner named Jack who is the kindest, most caring person I have ever read about. He gives Clara a job and a place to live and when we meet her at the beginning of the story she is now 22 and has known Jack for several years and has a major crush on the older man.

It is a running joke in the bar that Jack resembles Santa a little because of his white beard but that is where the resemblance ends as Jack is more of a biker type. On the Christmas Eve shift, Clara’s friend, Gina who also works at the bar accidently lets slip in a joke that Clara has the hots for Jack but neither do anything about it until Clara catches Jack putting presents under the tree for her. This small act of kindness is enough to get them to admit their feelings for each other and the later half of the book is basically one extended sex scene with some misunderstandings, a devoting and diligent Jack as well as a bemused and clueless Clara which I absolutely adored. In the epilogue a year later we learn that Clara is pregnant and they reminisce about their first Christmas together. I would love to see more of this couple in other novellas or a full length novel of their own. Overall, I was a quick and easy read but definitely could have done being longer and expanding on the relationship a little more but I still liked it.

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