Daddy’s Dirty Boss by Jade West

Book Review

Title: Daddy’s Dirty Boss by Jade West

Genre: Erotic, Romance

Rating: 5 Stars

Jade West is an insta-read author for me along with Katee Robert as they write some of the best erotic fiction I have read in recent years and are up there with the big name authors like Laurell K. Hamilton and J. R. Ward and Daddy’s Dirty Boss is no exception to this. This novel centre around Faith and her father’s friend, Miles Lindon who have known each other since Faith was a baby since Miles and her father are friends. Miles is a very central person in Faith’s life and it wasn’t a surprise when she became developing romantic and sexual feelings towards him in her teens which only increased when she spots him sleeping with one of the office girls at her sixteenth birthday party. After this Miles distances himself from the family and waits for the sexual feelings Faith has to die down and we jump forward two years to a few weeks before Faith’s eighteenth birthday as she is going to work for Miles during the summer before heading off to university.

We get both Miles’ and Faith’s perspective from now on as we learn that Faith’s attraction to Miles has only grown with time and she has kept herself a virgin as she wants Miles to be her first and she is going to use the job to get close to him and see if anything can come of it. Early on she is put under Erica’s management who is currently in a sexual relationship with Miles and treats Faith poorly because she can see Miles’ attraction to the girl but Miles puts a stop to this pretty quickly. He does get close to Faith after distancing himself from the family for so long but he keeps his control and doesn’t allow anything to happen between them despite almost slipping a few times and despite how much both of them clearly want this thing to happen. Eventually Miles ends up breaking this off with Erica because of his feelings for Faith and his growing distain towards Erica and finally makes a move on Faith when another man in the office begins showing an attraction towards her.

Miles asks Faith clearly what she wants and she responds in kind and he decides to fulfil her desire on her eighteenth birthday and when she realises this she can’t wait to get into bed with the man she has desired for years at this point. The first full on sex scene we get between Miles and Faith was interesting as Miles really shows his dominating side but I felt this was a little too forceful and full on for Faith’s first time and I hope the relationship softens out a little since they both express a desire to repeat the experience as often as they can but in these kinds of novels it isn’t long until someone finds out about the relationship and I don’t know whether this is going to be Faith’s parents or Erica at this point. We are almost halfway through the novel and I honestly forgot how quickly you can binge erotic fiction because it is usually written rather simply and with a singular goal in mind. Erica does almost catch them but nothing comes of it right now but Miles is really close to firing her because of her attitude towards Faith. Meanwhile, he and Faith decide to give the relationship thing a go but they have to keep it a secret for now with Faith heading off to university and because her parents still see her as a small child which is regularly reinforced which Faith is anything but a child right now.

The relationship develop quickly with a lot of sex scenes while this book did feature some kinks that I didn’t particularly enjoy I did appreciate the way West handled them and they didn’t distract from the romance. I enjoyed the way Faith and Miles’ relationship developed naturally although quickly and the tension with Erica just added a whole different level to the book. The way the relationship was uncovered felt natural as it was a mistake on their part while emotions were running high but I loved watching Faith develop into a strong and confident young woman with Miles’ help getting onto the path she most wants in life. Overall, I loved the romance and how Miles’ went the extra mile for Faith even when she left for university he made it possible for them to stay together. The reactions of Faith’s parents and friends to the relationship were realistic which isn’t something you see often in these kinds of novels as really speaks to West’s talent as a writer. I am hoping to read through her back catalogue given the time to break up the heavier fantasy and science fiction books I have been reading lately. While I will say to check the kink list before going into this novel as there are parts that aren’t going to be for everyone, myself included but I really enjoyed the book overall.

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