Scream for Us by Molly Doyle

Book Review

Title: Scream for Us by Molly Doyle

Genre: Dark, Erotic, Romance

Rating: 5 Stars

Scream for Us was an absolutely wild ride, we are follow Quinn as she heads to the Salem Halloween party which has been pitched as a night to remember. However, a smut lover, book obsessed recluse Quinn doesn’t really want to be there which I can completely sympathise with as a smut obsessed, bookish nerd myself. Forced to stay at the party she tries to enjoy herself but is repeatedly sexually harassed by the men at the party until someone steps in to save her in a really brutal fashion.

This man is dressed as Ghostface and for some reason she is instantly drawn to him, possibly because he protected her when everyone else was turning a blind eye to what was happening which is a lot more common than most people believe especially in situation where alcohol is involved. Ghostface who she begins calling Ghost takes her to one of the bedrooms followed by two of his friends dressed as Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers. In the room, Quinn realises she is attracted to Ghost and when he asks her what she wants she decides to be reckless for once in her life and gives herself over to him sexually with the condition that it is for one night. Everything is going smoothly as they begin to explore Quinn’s darkest desires while they are watched by Jason and Michael but more drunk guys stumble into the room and ask if they are taking turns on Quinn clearly wanting a go for themselves sending all three men into a rage. By the time Quinn manages to drag them away from the party once more they have assaulted and threatened at least three men for daring to come near Quinn which does spell out their intentions towards her but she hasn’t caught onto this yet.

They Quinn back to their place where they continue to use her body much to her delight and we get to see Michael and Jason taking a more active role in things now not just Ghost, which was amazing especially with the double penetration scene, which was just hot. However, during the end of one of their session Ghost notices the healed scars on Quinn’s wrists from self-harming and makes the connection to one of the girls at the party and Quinn’s almost panic attack after speaking to her. The boys instantly band together to make Quinn feel safe where she explains a little bit about her past and the people who hurt her most and how they all work at the haunted house in Salem. The men go out with the intention of killing these people and they follow through on it because they hurt Quinn. In the aftermath Quinn is sent off with Michael while Jason and Ghost try to lose the police which they manage to do but in this time Quinn is coming to realise she wants them for more than one night.

The ending was bittersweet at first as Quinn tries to leave without Ghost or the others noticing but Jason is in the kitchen and doesn’t attempt to stop her leaving but leaves her with the warning that Ghost won’t let her go that easily. She tries to resume her normal life but can’t shake the memories of that night when Ghost tracks her down and she realises he has been watching her for a while which is why he seems familiar to her but she couldn’t place him. Obviously it ends on a cliff-hanger because we don’t see what happens next but I can only assume it is smutty. Overall, Scream for Us was dark and utterly brutal in places but the sex scene were hot as hell and very well written and I can’t wait to see what Molly Doyle turns out next especially if it is similar to this.

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