ReadMyBooks Readathon Round 1 Take 3

Hey guys, so I started my own readathon last month and disappointingly I didn’t get any sign-ups last month so I am trying again this month. I will try every month until New Years and if I am not getting anywhere I will abandon this idea. The way this readathon works is that all the prompts are based on my personal favourite books and there will be 3 additional prompts that will consist of my personal favourite books.

This round will be taking place between October 7th – October 14th. Prizes will be announced on September 26th.
This readathon isn’t without rewards as one person who manages to finish all the set prompts will be selected at random to win a £10 or $10 amazon gift card and one other person who manages to read all the set prompts and the 3 bonus prompts will also receive a £10 or $10 amazon gift card. So there will be two winners and hopefully, as I gain a larger following I will be able to put on some more prizes. Winners will be announced on October 26th and I will need a response within 24 hours or I will pick another.
On to the prompts, there will be 14 set prompts and 3 bonus prompts – no easy rides here. As I mentioned they will all be based on my favourite books. You can change your TBR but only once per prompt and you can’t change the bonus books. Some of these prompts are designed to push you outside of your comfort zone so rise to the challenge.
There are some rules: Once your TBR is chosen you can’t change it unless it is in your strength to do so. You can’t double or triple up on the prompts – one book per prompt.
To make this readathon more interesting there will be four teams who will all have a weakness and strength and there will be a personality test that will sort you into your teams.
Snape’s Sectumsempras
Minerva’s Masterminds
Flitwick’s Nitwits
Helga’s Helpers
Snape’s Sectumspempras – Use all your cunning to skip one of the prompts.
Minerva’s Masterminds – Only the brave can avoid reading the bonus books and still collect the rewards. (Meaning you can skip the bonus books but still enter to win the gift card.)
Flitwick’s Nitwits – Wit is man’s greatest treasure and those in this team can change the books chosen for any prompt and anytime but you can only do it once per prompt.
Helga’s Helpers – These loyal souls can double up on one prompt only
Snape’s Sectumspempras – This team can be a little arrogant. You must buddy read at least 2 of your books.
Minerva’s Masterminds – This team often breaks the rules, so you must stick to them. No doubling up. No skipping and No changing your TBR
Flitwick’s Nitwits – This team often lose themselves in their learning. One of your books must be over 500 pages.
Helga’s Helpers – This team is often a little lazy. One of your books must be completed in one sitting in no more than 24 hours.
Here are the prompts:
Nevernight – Read a book with a main character that is a murderer or assassin.
The Belles – Read a book where beauty plays a huge part in the story – think the Belles or Uglies.
Harry Potter – Read a book about a magical school that isn’t Harry Potter.
The Gender Game – Read a book where society is divided by gender
The Way of Kings – Read a book with heavy military/war or political themes
Illuminae – Read a book written in a multi-media format.
Elena Vanishing – Read a book about an eating disorder
Flowers in the attic – Read a book containing incest or Stockholm syndrome
Lucky – Read a book about rape.
Hunting Prince Dracula – Read a book set at least 100 years in the past.
Stalking Jack the Ripper – Read a book based on real life events or people
Vanilla – Read a book written in verse
Otherworld – Read a book with virtual reality or gaming elements
Ender’s Game – Read a book written by a controversial author
So the bonus books are 3 of my personal favourites.
Cherry by Lindsey Rosin
Lucky by Alice Sebold
Memoir of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
All these bonus books will be featured in next month’s prompts.
Please share your TBR’s and updates with me on Twitter @novellover97

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