Common Ground by Alice Rachel Blog Tour

common ground

Title: Common Ground

Author: Alice Rachel

Genre:  Upper YA Dystopian Romance

Release Date:  October 2017

Summary: When Taylor Jones moved into the neighbourhood, he didn’t expect to fall for the feisty girl next door.  His life was already complicated enough as it was.  Between his difficult relationship with his father and his sister’s wedding lurking on the horizon, Taylor had a lot on his mind. But his attraction to Kayla wasn’t something he could resist, no matter the consequences.

Karen Jones had no desire to marry the man who had forced his way into her life. She had always liked girls and pretending to be straight was never an option. But Jeff wasn’t about to ignore his bruised ego and let her go that easily.

Kayla Haynes refused to fall for the handsome man next door. Her previous relationship had been a disaster, and she was done catering to men’s needs. But soon, falling for Taylor would be the least of her concerns.


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For your reading pleasure here’s a small excerpt:

Excerpt 1:

“She’s only fifteen for goodness’ sake.”

His father flicked his hand as if to dismiss Taylor’s words. As if his son’s opinion never really mattered. As if Karen’s happiness wasn’t on the line.

“She doesn’t need to marry him for another three years.”

“She’s gay,” Taylor exclaimed, his temper turning red. “Are you deaf, or did you miss the part where she came out to us last year?”

His father huffed. “That’s just a phase. No daughter of mine has a gay streak in her bones. She’s just trying to stand out and be different. She’ll warm up to —”

“I won’t let you. You know that, right?” Taylor pointed at his father’s chest. “You go on with that bullshit, and you won’t ever see her again; you hear me? Don’t force my hand, Father. I’ll take her away from you if I have to. You know I will.”

common ground 2

About the Author

Alice Rachel comes from France. She now lives in the USA, where she teaches French and fosters guinea pigs. When Alice doesn’t write, she draws, reads, and drinks way too much coffee. Her YA/NA Dystopian ROMANCE series focuses on feminism and LGBT issues. She enjoys talking about books a LOT, so send her a message…

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