Dragon School: Prince of Dragons by Sarah K. L. Wilson Review


Book Review

Title: Dragon School: Prince of Dragons

Author: Sarah K. L. Wilson

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Adventure/Romance

Rating: *****

Review: After the turbulent events of Warring Promises, the Dragon Prince is set to be the next brilliant instalment in the Dragon School series. Obviously, we pick back up with Amel and Raolcan and the rest of the gang trying to figure out their next move after the battles they faced in both First Message and Warring Promises. As they gather a plan together Amel is still trying to wrap her head around all the new information they have received when Raolcan tells her an old enemy has been found and he has something that they want.

While Rak heads to head back to his country to create peace between the nations to fight the larger enemy Savette can’t go with him, she needs to stay with people who can protect her, but they are going to be married before he leaves so they can’t marry her off to anyone else and this would also shatter part of Starie’s plan. One of my favourite scenes so far was Leng and Amel reunion and how they react especially after he gave her his davari and she wears it with pride. Now they have found the thief who stole their messages they plan to get them back and find Hubric to restore his honour before delivering them.

As we approach the halfway mark in the novel, I was pleased that the pace of the last two books has slowed down at little, so we don’t feeling constantly overwhelmed by the constant action. One thing Amel is struggling with is the devotion to tradition when tradition is clearly letting them down and finding a new way could make their lives easier, but this is stopped when a rumour forces Raolcan to leave for a while and with Leng and his dragon both injured they don’t seem to be a great amount of progress in their mission. Now the remained group of Savette, Leng and Amel have several objectives they need to achieve in a short space of time and the easiest way is by splitting up again. Amel and Savette will relay the messages to the Dominar and return Savette to her family for protection while Leng heads to warn other places that the Dusk Covenant plan to target.

As the girls approach their destination Amel is hit with more bad news that makes her doubt her choices and the choices of those around her making her feel more lost than she has ever felt before. It seems no matter where they go the danger follows them or is awaiting them and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere they can go without running into a fight. However, they are soon joined by more Purple riders who decide they need Amel’s help if they have any hope of surviving the war that is too come.

In the final section of the novel, we are greeted with another stunning battle scene that leaves the group in an even more dangerous position than they were before it ends. While I love a good cliff-hanger, I am dying to know what happens, will Amel deliver her messages? Will Hubric be alright? Will Leng return? Will Rak return? And about a million other things and I need Dark Night now.

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I received this review copy from the author.

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