Renegades Sampler by Marissa Meyer

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Title: Renegades

Author: Marissa Meyer

Genre: YA/Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Review: In this new world created by Meyer we learn of two kinds of people; prodigies and renegades. We learn of the legend where Ace gathered the strongest prodigies and rebelled against the government shortly after the renegades emerged. We are then introduced to Nova who is a seven year old inventor during at a time where her family is really struggling. When she asks about the renegades she is quickly silenced by her father. We learn that Nova has special gifts that she has been forced to hide. One might men break into their home and kill her parents and her baby sister Evie, Nova manages to use her gift to save her own life but is traumatized by the incident. She is later found by her uncle who tells her to call him Ace.

We jump forward ten years where we re-join Nova at the Renegades parade. At the parade people make fun of the villains or prodigies and most have gone in hiding. Nova is part of a group planning to kill one of the heroes during the parade, she also goes by the codename Nightmare. While waiting for her target she meets a boy called Adrian who also has abilities. We learn that Nova’s mission is to kill the renegade known as Captain who is responsible for the death of her uncle. As she fires he moves and subsequently misses and she is pounced upon by other renegades. She manages to fight them off and just as she is about to escape someone else arrives but this is unfortunately where the sampler ends.

I am not usually a fan of samplers but this one was really intriguing and I can’t wait to pick the book up in November. To be honest I found the opening chapters to Renegades far more interesting than Cinder but I will be rereading the Lunar Chronicles very soon.

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