Trouble at Riverside Academy by Liam Moiser

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Title: Trouble at Riverside Academy

Author: Liam Moiser

Genre: MG/Adventure/School

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to Trouble at Riverside Academy was great, we are introduced to Riverside Academy which was founded in World War 2 by Lady Simpson’s family for evacuated children. It is also the school were Rachel is in her final year, everything seems normal until a mysterious man appears under the guise of sending his child there but he acts quite suspiciously especially after he catches sight of Rachel’s bracelet. For an novella I was expecting a lot for this book but I was intrigued by the opening chapter.

We learn early on that the mysterious Mr. Stallion is Rachel’s father who she doesn’t know about. We also learn that Mr. Stallion has a particularly shady past and he and his friend Ian returned to the town for a very particular reason. Despite being nearly halfway through the story Rachel still doesn’t know that she has any connection to the strange man yet but I have a feeling she is going to find out very soon.

After some research Rachel begins to believe that Richard Stallion is her father and agrees to help him recover the money he hid all those years before although he is forthcoming with the reason why he heads the money so badly. I didn’t really like Stallion because he seems a little bipolar one minute he is really remorseful and wants to be a father and then he flips to being aggressive and angry and this didn’t sit well with me.

In the final section of the novella we see the real internal conflict Stallion has been fighting and in the end he does show some good by sacrificing his freedom to save his daughter. This did bring the story full circle but I did have a few slight issues with it as a whole.

Overall, I really liked Trouble at Riverside Academy but I felt there were some pacing issues with the build up being too long and the action being too short in the overall length of the book. However, I still found the story to be very enjoyable and hope to read more in this world and from this author very soon.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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