Fifty Shades of Pink by Jourdyn Kelly

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Title: Fifty Shades of Pink

Author: Jourdyn Kelly

Genre: Erotica/LGBT

Rating: *****

Review: The opening of Fifty Shades of Pink was great, I could really tell it was going to be a wild ride. We meet Cassidy at her best friend Miranda`s bachelorette party which happens to be held at a BDSM club. Cass has a lot of prejudices when it comes to sex which Miranda tries to persuade to open her mind a little more to her friend’s lifestyle. Cass as a character is androgynous her appearance and fashion style make her seem more masculine, things change when a married figure only known as Mistress takes an interest in Cass and invites her to the Pink Room. Mistress` sensual appearance has Cass reconsidering her stance on BDSM.

When Cass does decide to join Mistress she is entranced and very slowly and passionately Mistress teaches Cass what BDSM and Dom/sub relationships are really about. The scene itself was extremely well written and far more enticing than Fifty Shades of Grey. After its over Cass feels drawn to Mistress and despite her initial apprehension wants to see her and only her again to which Mistress agrees. Cass was very surprised that she could give up her control so easily. I thought for a moment that Cass was transgender but it seems she is more of a crossdresser.

Cass after he first meeting has a falling out with Miranda, not over the experience but because the nature of their relationship has changed. Every day for a week Cass returns to the club but Mistress isn’t there. On another night Cass is one again waiting for Mistress when she received an invitation to the Black room which she actually considers because she feels a little betrayed by Mistress. Just when all how seems list Mistress arrives to reach Cass her next lesson although it is clear to see that Mistress and Cass are getting emotional attached to one another. In this scene Cass trusts Mistress enough to experience things she has never attempted before meeting Mistress.

It was literally heart breaking to watch the parting between Mistress and Cass, it had me in tears which is very rare for an erotic romance novel. They part because Mistress feels it is healthier for the both of them. We see Cass two months after Mistress left, and she accidentally bumps into her on the street. It is her she learns Mistress` name is Rebecca and she learns about Rebecca’s past and why she left Cass. Cass understands that Rebecca is afraid of being hurt again especially because there is a 16 year age gap between them but Cass eventually convinces Rebecca to form a relationship they will work on together.

The final section of this novel was sublime we see Rebecca and Cass come together as themselves rather than as Mistress and sub. I also loved the short ending scene from Rebecca’s perspective as it provides us with a different viewpoint and allows the reader to truly see Rebecca as herself rather than as Mistress. I would highly recommend Fifty Shades of Pink to all especially those looking for a slightly different erotic novel or for those looking to break into the genre. I loved it!

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Buoni Amici Press

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