Michiko Moizu and the Magnolia Tree by Victorine Vien

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Title: Michiko Hoizu and the Magnolia Tree

Author: Victorine Vien

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Rating: *

Review: At only 50 pages I am not quite sure I can call this a novel but I was excited to read Michiko Hoizu and the Magnolia Tree despite the fact I requested it purely because of the Japanese sounding name. We meet Michiko with her adoptive parents who are forcing her to get a job and give up on her university dream when a mysterious woman named Elerity Cassini shows up and offers Michiko a university place. Devonae University of the Magical Arts is a special school where only those from a certain bloodline can attend and these people have magical abilities and it is hidden from human within Trayson. We also learn that Michiko is only allowed to attend because of her Namian heritage.  I loved the Japanese themes and names laced throughout although I did feel that Michiko did have normal human reaction i.e. when she is told she is magical despite being raised human she doesn’t freak out at all.

Michiko chooses to attend Devonae University, when she arrives she meets her room-mate Talika, while I was enjoying the story so far I felt that the magic system and history behind the school was really explained, it was really glossed over. As she begins school I felt that the romance elements were just shoved in and not relevant at this point in the story and even the learning/magical system wasn’t well presented. The antagonist group weren’t given a backstory or history they were just there and some of the newly introduced characters just disappeared and the authors’ explanation was that they had joined the enemy but without any reasoning or justification.

This story was awful, while it did give me real Harry Potter/Iron Trail vibes it was just done so poorly. This really needed to be a full length novel so that everything could be explained properly so it didn’t feel like it was just dumped in. The plot was also really confusing because time passed so quickly. The characters and characters motivations were poor at best while Michiko had some development none of the other characters. I would not recommend anyone read this and I would suggest the author rewrite the book as a full length novel.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Hidden Gem Books

Buy it here:

Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk     amazon.com


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