Wings of Stone by J. D. Monroe

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Title: Wings of Stone

Author: J.D. Monroe

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Wings of Stone was ok, we meet Tarek on guard at the gate between the human and dragon tasks waiting for the princess to cross over, when they don’t arrive on schedule he decides to go looking for them. We also meet Gabrielle Rojas a nurse working on a mysterious Jane doe with some horrible injuries when she awakens even with ask the drugs and Gabby ends injured but mysteriously the girl is back asleep but her injuries are healing at an inhuman rate making her very suspicious. Tarek discover the corpse of the princess` guard who was killed by Ironflight, a nation of dragons who are the rivals of Tarek’s people, the Stoneflight. As he follows the trail of magic the princess left behind he ends up at the hospital, it turns out the Jane doe is actually princess Ashariah. When Tarek tries to take Ashariah from the hospital Gabby fights him and his manipulation magic seems to have no affect on her.

As we approach the 1/4 mark in the novel we see Gabby help Tarek despite knowing he turns into a dragon. They manages to get away but with the princess unconscious and being injured himself Tarek has no choice but to call Gabby for help. Tarek finds himself drawn to Gabby but doesn’t understand why especially when he begins to feel like Gabby isn’t exactly human since she doesn’t respond to Tarek`s magic. When the pair realise they have been followed he send Ashariah with Gabby and heads off to fight the dragons.

As we cross the 1/4 mark in the novel we see Gabby get Ashariah back to the gate although she is taken prisoner by the dragons. Although Tarek is rushing to her aid she is being questioned by beings far less accepting than him. When he arrived he orders the guard to summon the Queen who wishes to question Gabby. After the intrusion scene the Queen chooses to trust Gabby although she is hesitant to let her return to the human realm because she can resist the dragon’s commands and wants this potential issue looked into.

As we approach the halfway mark in the novel we see Gabby give instruction to Tarek about getting word to her mother which he does in the meantime Gabby is treated as a royal guest but something about the uneasy peace between the Ironflights and the Stoneflights has her worried. While the Queen waits for the Ironflight Queen to respond to her summons Tarek shows her around the citadel and although she asks to see Ashariah and is denied she still worried for the princess. She is also questioned by one of the counselors so the dragons can learn more about her unique abilities.

As we cross the halfway mark in the novel we see that both Tarek and Gabbey were invited to the feast to signal the arrival of the Ironflight party. Much to the Queen`s anger the Ironflight Queen sent her brother in her stead. As the heads discuss the attack on Ashariah and the Stoneflight soldiers Gabby is swept up in the political intrigue and tension.  Everything seems to be going ok until a bloodied and bruised Stoneflight warrior is brought in trekking the Queen that the Ironflight warriors are responsible. In a fit of pure rage the Queen nearly outright declares war on their sister nation. While Gabby is horrified and intrigued she feels safe because Tarek is at her side. We also learn more about Tarek`s past and why he was denied and why he is determined not to pursue Gabby despite his undeniable attraction to the human.

As we approach the 3/4 mark in the novel we see Tarek interrogate the Iron prices who say their innocent and that some unknown third party has taken arms against the Stoneflight. I also really enjoyed the kids scene between Gabby and Tarek which has been building virtually from the moment they met. Under the Queen`s supervision Gabby visits Ashariah to receive a vision but she is drawn into Ashariah`s coma and whenTarek tries to help he is also drawn into the nightmare. Together Tarek and Gabrielle manage to awake Ashariah from the nightmare she has been trapped in but they are still no closer to understanding why this has happened. As Gabrielle is preparing to return home she shares a passionate night with Tarek it’s on a level they’ve never shared with anyone before. As they reach the gate they find the gate keepers dead for some time, they immediately had back for the citadel hoping that they will be quick enough.

As we cross into the final section of the novel Gabrielle dress the Ironflight dragons that being held in the dungeons and ends up in the middle of battle as the enemy has breached the citadel. While the Queen is taken to safety Gabrielle falls under the curse of white dragon leaving Tarek vengeful. All alone he battles all the dragons that attack including the ones that attacked Gabrielle at the hospital. As he faces the white dragon in battle he is a great disadvantage but his love for Gabrielle and the desire to make up for his past failings drive him forward and allow him to defeat his foe. The final and the ending were just perfection.

Overall, I loved Wings of Stone everything from the world building, characters and the magic system were written perfectly. I can’t wait to read more from J D Monroe and would highly recommend this novel.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Culican Review Service.

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