Fate by Garfield Whyte

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Title: Fate

Author: Garfield Whyte

Genre: Family Drama/Romance

Rating: ****

Review: The prologue to Fate  was great, it creates an intense desire to read more about the characters we are meeting and find out what happened to the baby that is being given away in this heart-breaking opening scene. I think this was the perfect place to open the novel because it has equal amount of heart-break and hope and it also immediately captivates and pulls us, the readers in.

I think all the characters are compelling especially Amy and Emily and we do feel sorry for Amy for the majority of the novel and Emily towards the end and we definitely root for Amy to get the happy, easy life she has always wanted and deserved. All the characters feel real and 3-D which is hard to find in certain genres although one or two could use a little refinement like Theo and Val. In Theo’s case he go through a complete personality change, when we first meet him he is remorseful of the affair and wants to end it but after Ivan’s death he becomes extremely vindictive and cruel and if this is the way he was meant to be portrayed then it should have been hinted at earlier. And in Val’s case his past and relationship building with Amy seems to be a massive info dump and should be spread out a little more. Most of the secondary characters like Sam and Gian are very well rounded with unique backgrounds and relationships to the primary characters and they do really enhance the story but characters like Emma enhance the story at the beginning but lost their purpose and value later on in the novel.

The relationships between the characters in this novel are believable. The relationship between Amy and Magnolia needed more work and should have been more drawn out and gone into much more depth. Also the relationship between Amy and Val could have been drawn out more – while in the plot they have known each other for a few years over the course of the court case the pacing made it feel like they had only known each other a few months but nonetheless the relationship are well presented and have been thought out in a lot of detail.

This novel is definitely a page turner and the stakes are extremely high for most of the novel and at points lives are on the line. The amount of tension crammed into less than 200 pages is absolutely astounding and I read the whole novel in a single sitting. I find very few clichés in this novel apart for some insta-love in the relationship between Amy and Dirk but that can be overlooked in the novel’s entirety. I found the premise to be fresh and exciting and it really drew me in as a reader, and the multiple POV’s give some very unique insights into the character’s mental states as they novel progresses.

The plot twists are believable but a couple can be seen ahead of time so aren’t unexpected. Ivan’s death for example isn’t unexpected because Emily had hinted at it several times previous in the novel. Although Dirk’s death was extremely shocking as were the events that followed it. I felt that the majority of the novel flows in a realistic and compelling manner but there were a few key scenes where the pacing was way off. A few scenes were a little abrupt and the pacing should have slowed down in the scenes beforehand to mirror the progression of his ill health leading up to his death. Also the scenes that lead up to Amy and Val’s relationship were paced too quickly so while we know over a year has passed it only feels like a few months so the pace in these scenes needs correcting.

My favorite character by far is Dirk I just loved his personality and the way he interacts with Amy and the other characters and I just felt compelled to love him. My least favorite characters are Emily because of the things she does and Theo because I just felt he wasn’t living up to his full protentional as one of the primary antagonists.

I would highly recommend Fate to all because I was so hooked from the first page, and I don’t usually enjoy family drama novel but Whyte’s writing style and characters are so believable and gripping from the get go. If you haven’t read this book yet I highly recommend you pick it up as soon as you can.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author.

Buy it here:

Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk    amazon.com

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