The Prince and the Omega by Penelope Peters

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Title: The Prince and the Omega

Author: Penelope Peter

Genre: Romance/LGBT

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to The Prince and the Omega was great, we meet Rowan who is an omega as he arrives at his best friend Celia’s (also an omega) engagement announcement party where she is to be married to an Alpha prince. As the party begins we are also introduced to Prince Gaspar of Iberia who is going to be marrying Celia despite the fact he prefers men. Wanting to have some fun before his marriage Gus heads out to the party where he bumps into Rowan. As the King arrives Rowen unknowingly helps Gus escape the party as he isn’t meant to be there yet.

As we approach the ¼ mark in the novel Gus and Rowan talks as they work their way through the castle’s secret passageways. Gus tells Rowan he is with the Royal party so Rowan leads him back to the Prince’s room not knowing that Gus is the prince. While there the passion ignite and Rowan willing gives his virginity to Gus despite knowing he will never be with him, that this hour is all he is going to get. Afterwards Rowan learns the condom broke but since he isn’t in heat he shouldn’t be able to get pregnant. As both men head back to the party separately Rowan is excited to tell his cousin all about Gus until he sees Gus and Celia together. Rowan puts all the pieces together and learns he just gave his virginity to Celia’s future husband and he knows that he can never tell her about what happened on that night.

As we approach the halfway mark in the novel we see the aftermath of Gus and Rowen’s one night stand. Rowan begins to feel ill and has kept the fling a secret from everyone except Amelia his alpha friend. While Rowan and Amelia are talking the newly engaged couple arrive and there is so much tension resulting in an argument ended by a kiss. A few weeks after their encounter Rowan confirms his pregnancy but the only person that knows is Amelia and she offers Rowan an escape by bonding with her.

As we cross into the final section of the novel Gus and Celia’s wedding approaches Rowan is now over 5 months pregnant. As Rowan and Amelia arrive at the castle she leaves him to face Celia alone because they need to talk. While they are in the library men with guns come out of the tunnels and kidnap them both. Gus and Amelia obviously go after them where they learn that Bruce, Gus’ illegitimate brother kidnapped both the unbounded omega in order to claim them for himself and spite Gus in more ways than one but together Gus and Amelia overpower Bruce and rescue their loved ones. It turns out that while Gus and Rowan were pining for each other Amelia and Celia were doing the same. In order to make everyone happy Gus breaks off the engagement to marry Rowan so Celia can do the same and be happy with Amelia. The epilogue was beautiful everyone had their happy ending and it just perfectly concluded this standalone romance novel.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Hidden Gem Books.

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