At His Mercy by Sophia Desmond

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Title: At His Mercy

Author: Sophia Desmond

Genre: Romance

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to At His Mercy was ok, we meet Morgan who is a professor at Silliman University teaching about American Literature at a time in her life where she is empowering herself to her own person with her own wants, desires and hobbies not that of her parents. We also meet Blaine who is a billionaire who is dealing with his ex-wife Liana after their very messy divorce because of her there are people not willing to work with him especially after a front page spread claiming he hit her and now he has to find something to distract the people and improve his public image.

As we approach the ¼ mark in the novel we learn that Morgan and Blaine are ex-step siblings and he is now the only one Morgan can ask for help. She needs someone to fund her department otherwise her life ends. If the department fails her book won’t get published and she will lose her job and with her mother refusing to help her because of her career choice her options are limited. We are learn that Blaine held some sexually feelings towards Morgan when they were younger although she was too focused on school to really take notice or care.

As we cross the ¼ mark in the novel we see Blaine sort of agree to help Morgan if she comes and pitches her plan for the department to him and then he will consider donating the money as it would solve both their problems. Blaine also remembers the feelings he once had for Morgan which didn’t go away they just became buried under other feelings and he can’t wait to see her again. As they get to know each other again both are obviously attracted to one another but hide it because of their previous sibling relationship but Blaine does agree to fund Morgan’s department and then some but he wants to be involved in the project. When the funding is announced Morgan realises that Blaine’s personality hasn’t changed much since they were children and she does resent him in some ways despite being attracted to his toned, masculine appearance.

As we approach the halfway mark in the novel we see Blaine make his attraction to Morgan known although she shoots him down so to make her jealous he takes her best friend Masha to dinner which really gets on Morgan’s nerves. We learn that Blaine didn’t sleep with Masha but just wanted to make Morgan jealous and come to him but his friend Nicholas tells him he may be going about it in the wrong way as Morgan can’t be bought with fancy dinners and money and he needs to do something involving things she likes and that will interest her rather than him. I didn’t like Blaine’s stuck-up and selfish attitude but I am hoping Morgan just might be able to change him for the better.

As we cross into the second half of the novel we see Blaine and Morgan go on a “research” trip together. Morgan also turns to the women she teaches about for advice and finds none only that if she lets the one she loves slips away she will forever regret it but she just can’t get over the fact that years ago Blaine was her step-sibling. When they finally give in to what they want everything is perfect but they both know should anyone find out about their affair it could hurt them both but it would destroy Morgan. Although Blaine doesn’t really care about other people, he loves Morgan and doesn’t want to hurt her so for now he goes along with her plan of secrecy although I have a feeling the truth will out very soon.

As we approach the ¾ mark in the novel we see Liana make trouble trying to get back together with Blaine despite their divorce, this really hurts Morgan terrible but Blaine isn’t giving up and he always gets want he wants, when he wants it. Although something is telling me he is going to have to work very hard to mend things with Morgan. When they do make up it is a passionate scene filled with some many emotions spoken and unspoken but they soon learn that Gary Towson was spying on them and he tries to bribe Morgan into sleeping with him to keep her secret which she refuses. We also see Morgan’s publisher try to convince her to write a book about her sordid affair which she again refuses because she couldn’t do that to Blaine.

As we cross into the final section of the novel we see Blaine and Morgan give their relationship a go although I didn’t like Liana as a character, she doesn’t really have any purpose she just appears at random moments in the plot to cause drama. When Liana once again turns up and drives a wedge between Morgan and Blaine it is a lot harder for them to right their relationship with Morgan’s department under investigation and her agreeing to write the tell-all book about Blaine. With only 20 pages in the novel I wasn’t sure how the author was going to conclude the book. Liana surprisingly calls Morgan and wants to talk in person and when they meet Liana clears up the whole misunderstanding. I liked the fact that Morgan doesn’t immediately here back from Blaine and she changes her book to an amazing article about him and when he reads it he calls her. They don’t immediately see each other again but they arrange to meet for New Year’s. The ending of this novel was just beautiful and that’s all I can say about it.

Overall, I loved At His Mercy and the fact the story didn’t match the initial vibe the cover and the description gave off so I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the characters and the plot and I would highly recommend it.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Hidden Gem Books.

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