Dangerous Fling by Crystal Kaswell

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Title: Dangerous Fling

Author: Crystal Kaswell

Genre: Romance

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Dangerous Fling was brilliant, we meet Lacey who is working at a set assistant for Malcolm Strong’s new music video. Mal is a celebrity millionaire and rock star sex god who Lacey often dreams about and her dream sort of comes true when the model for the video is taking too long in makeup and Lacey is asked to work in her place. The attraction between the two is so easy to see from the first page of this novel. While both Lacey and Mal are attracted to each other they maintain a professional relationship while working on the video but Mal sees something in her, something he wants and he always gets what he wants.

As we approach the ¼ mark in the novel we see Mal and Lacey get to know each other through text and he likes the fact that she is practically jumping into his bed, she even turns down his offer a booty call and while Mal has never had a proper relationship or fallen in love I think they work well together. As their professional relationship develops with Mal offering Lacey more directorial work on Dangerous Noise’s videos, which she is extremely excited about but he isn’t sure he is going to be able to keep his second brain in check. I loved the strange relationship dynamic between Lacey and Mal, I loved how he likes her and he doesn’t like anymore and how he doesn’t want to hurt her but he can’t stand not having her in his bed especially when she is so willing. I love how Mal slowly opens up to Lacey without even realizing he is doing it and how Lacy so eagerly responds to everything little thing about him.

As we cross the ¼ mark in the novel we see the sexual tension between the pair explode but not in the usually way, rather than just tearing each other’s clothes off they actually discuss what they want from this arrangement and what would cause their arrangement to come to an end, although neither really wants it to ever end. The first sex scene between Mal and Lacey was incredible although it did seems a little rushed but well written none the less.

As we approach the half way mark in the novel we see Mal consider for the first time a relationship with a woman whom he wants and who truly wants him, not his fame or his money but Mal; the man. We also see Lacey develop into the professional video director when she meets the other band members and they are hilarious and the chemistry between them is electric. I also love how easily the other band members accept Lacey into their little fold because they can see how good Lacey could be for Mal.

As we cross into the second half of the novel we see Mal notices he has emotions towards Lacey that he doesn’t really want but he doesn’t want to get rid of them either. At this point they are playing with each other meaning they both know somewhere in their minds and hearts that they love one another but due to their current circumstances they don’t want to admit it to each other. I loved how Mal and Lacey constantly tease each other but also drop hints of their real feelings without even meaning to and their slightly tragic backstories only adds to this.

As we approach the ¾ mark in the novel we see Mal’s parents for the first time and they are horrible, they basically abandoned their kids and didn’t even think for one second how it would impact Mal being the oldest of the siblings. When his mother makes the announcement she is dying Mal begins to crack and luckily Lacey spots it and refuses to leave him alone while he is this fragile and although he keeps telling himself he can’t give Lacey more, he always does. It was heart-breaking to watch Mal hold on to imaginary hope but hopeful since Lacey let go of her imaginary hope and opened herself up to new opportunities which is what Mal wants but deep down he is afraid to do, afraid to change the way he looks at the world not matter how much it hurts him.

As we cross into the final section of the novel things feel like they are spiralling out of control for both Mal and Lacey and neither really knows how to understand or deal with the situation. In a fit of insanity Mal dumps Lacey when things get messy i.e. Lacey tells Mal she loves him and then to make things worse the one person he wanted to truly loved him; his mother dies leaving him slightly broken, but he finally understands what he has been running away from all of his life. The final pages of this novel were brilliant, sexy and tear-jerking all at once. I just couldn’t cope with the amount of feels I had by the end of this and if you are looking for a romance novel that will tear your heart to pieces and then put it back together again, I highly recommend Dangerous Fling.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Hidden Gem Books.

Buy it here:

Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk      amazon.com


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