The Plague by Blake B. Rivers

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Title: The Plague

Author: Blake B. Rivers

Genre: Steampunk/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Rating: *

Review: The opening to the Plague was different we meet Andi who works in a call centre. She looks like a guy who should play American football but is actually a real bookworm and video game addict. We also learn that she had an alien imaginary friend whose world she still visits occasionally in her dreams. She learns that the sci-fi book she is currently reading also has a game adaptation which she buys and is immediately sucked into like any hardcore gamer would be. Andi’s dreams get increasing strange when her childhood friend Gee-Gee keeps appearing saying she is forcing her to hear the warnings she is blocking out of her mind and if she doesn’t listen to them everyone is going to die. This book for me in the opening chapters was giving off a vibe similar to that of the Matrix.

We also learn that Andi is running from her own past although we don’t get to learn why because Andi is then teleported to somewhere that definitely isn’t her dorm apartment via her computer. In this strange alien world Andi becomes a prisoner and when the alien learn she isn’t from their world they are a little panicked. As we follow Andi’s story it becomes harder to distinguish reality from fantasy. During her imprisonment Andi learns she has almost magically appeared in the 41st century and on possibly another planet but she also learns that something or someone is out to kill her.

As we approach the half way mark in the novel I was struggling a little to work out what was going on but from what I did get is that Andi transporting into the future and into a different galaxy and because of a rapid plague that is spreading she has been detained. After some really strange stuff goes down Andi manages to escape from where she is being held with some others but the being that is hunted she ingested and is now puking up although she can hear its voice in her head. The rag-tag bunch of escapees manages to make it to the criminal black market without being pursued, recaptured or blown up by their captors which I found to be completed unbelievable as they have been aimlessly drifting along in space.

So at the 50% I had to DNF because I didn’t understand a single thing that was going on or where the story was going, the characters and storylines were unbelievable and at times horrible writing so I just couldn’t read on. Definitely not recommended for sci-fi/alien fans pick up Illuminae instead.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Hidden Gem Books

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