Apollo’s 11 by Anna Collins

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Title: Apollo’s 11

Author: Anna Collins

Genre: Romance

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to Apollo’s 11 was great, we meet Callie who is an budding writer who gets chosen to beta read Apollo Iron’s book about his life as Apollo is the heir to the Iron’s billion dollar empire. We get a glimpse into her life and the things she wants for herself and the things she currently has. Apollo choosing her to review his book is a major event for Callie especially she just wrote an article where both Apollo and his brother Perseus are mentioned. While Callie is attracted to the idea of the hot billionaire she does actually have a boyfriend which could complicate any romance later on. We then switch to Apollo’s perspective who after receiving Callie’s feedback on his autobiography decides that this woman is going to be the one to help him make his book a success.

As we approach the ¼ mark in the novel we see Apollo offer Callie a job – helping him write his book but she wouldn’t been credited for it although she would be compensated and although she is a bit childish about it I have a feeling she will be seeing Apollo very soon. After her freelancing career takes a downward turn and her boyfriend Nick piling on the pressure to pay the bills she decides she will reconsider Apollo’s offer and is told to meet him for lunch to discuss the smaller details of the job. As the discuss the job and what needs to be done to the book we meet Percy for the first time and we get a bit of glimpse into the lives of the Iron siblings and their general circumstances. We see Apollo and Callie are attracted to one another but in their minds any relationship between them is a fantasy and nothing more and when they part from their meeting they return to reality, although I am sure this won’t last long.

As we cross the ¼ mark in the novel we see Callie meet with some friends who tell her there may be more to the Irons family than meet the eye and they are also convinced that Apollo likes her. We also see the attraction between the pair result in a kiss which they both really enjoyed but Callie has Nick but Apollo tells her that she is in control of what happens between them and she can makes the decisions regarding her own life and she is so tempted to fall, sometimes literally, into his arms and stay there.

As we approach the half way mark in the novel we see Callie becoming increasing confused and a little paranoid. She thinks Nick might be cheating on her but she also tries to convince herself he loves her, she is also trying to rationalize her feelings towards Apollo and when she tries to tell Nick he just completely blows her off. With some detective work and Apollo’s help Callie learns that Nick has been cheating on her for some time and Apollo is there to comfort her afterwards but we also learn Apollo is keeping secrets of his own, namely his young son Ares. When Nick tries to make up with Callie and she refuses she almost literally runs into Apollo again and he has decided that eventually he will make Callie his but not while she is in this vulnerable position.

As we cross into the second half of the novel Callie is now officially single and the author is beginning to develop a relationship between Callie and Apollo. We also learn more about Apollo’s past; he knocked up his girlfriend Laurel very young but was caught kissing Daphne is now assistant and then first love. Laurel nearly miscarried Ares but they managed to get him out safely but his mother died shortly after labour and because of this he never entered into a relationship with Daphne. While Callie and Helen are shopping she runs into Ares and this is going to be the moment Callie finds out the secret Apollo has been trying to keep from her. After Apollo accuses Callie of trying to kidnap his son she storms off and heads to the nearest bar to get absolutely wasted.  When Apollo comes to apologize the tension between them gets too much for them but even though Apollo ends up sending the night, they don’t have sex which I admired as some romance authors just sex scenes as plot fillers.

As we approach the ¾ mark In the novel we see Callie and Apollo officially become an item although they haven’t discussed the status of their relationship or how Daphne and Ares fit into the equation, but it’s there. We also see Daphne act very nastily towards Callie because Callie now has the one thing Daphne always wanted, and Apollo has wanted Daphne. As they get to know each other better Apollo even trusts Callie to deal with problems at Ares’ school and Ares seems to really like Callie even referring to her as his aunt. When Ares tells Callie that Daphne has been passing information to the Ridley twins which she relays to Apollo I can practically feel that Daphne will retaliate in some way.

As we cross into the final section of the novel we see Callie admits in not so many words to Drake that she loves Apollo, although the offer Drake makes about taking her on a date was all for humorous purposes. In a strange twist Apollo tells Callie he can’t be in a relationship with her so she leaves taking the money she earned and disappears. After three months Apollo still hasn’t been able to track her down but he isn’t giving up hope just yet. When the pair do come together again it is stunning. The final pages of this novel were heart-breaking beautiful with Apollo, Callie and Ares getting everything they deserve in life.

Overall, I felt like this novel was a perfect sweet contemporary romance to take my mind off all the hardcore reading I have been doing lately. I highly recommend this to all romance and contemporary fans, it was a fun, quick read that I devoured in just a few hours. While there were aspects I felt needed fine tuning and tweaking it was still highly enjoyable.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Hidden Gem Books

Buy it here:

Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk      amazon.com


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