10 Dates by Emily James

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Title: 10 Dates

Author: Emily James

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rating: *****

Review: What can I say about 10 Dates other than it is absolute written perfection!  I loved the opening non-engagement scene as it really sets the tone for Joanie and Chris’ relationship later on and sets the stage for all the events that come later. I felt this was the perfect spot to start, even though it the end of Joan and Chris’ relationship we get enough exposition and backstory threaded throughout the novel to not need any additional information. It also sets up the friendship between Joan, Melinda and Mickey very well and how vital they will be to Joanie’s development as a character.

I loved everything about this novel but the thing that really hooked me was the relationships. The relationship between Joan and Chris is believable although it does make Joan seem extremely naïve in the beginning. Joan’s relationship with Six is amazing from the shouting matches to the flirty banter I was so invested in this relationship I couldn’t wait for them to get together and was shouting at them at one point to just shut it and kiss. The secondary characters’ relationships aren’t really presented as the first proper insight we get into Melinda’s marriage is at the divorce stage and I personally wanted a little more here so the divorce and cheating reveals held a little bit more weight. Also as I mentioned previously I would have liked to have meet Chef a little earlier with maybe a scene where Mickey cooks dinner like in the epilogue but has a major freak out where Joanie comforts him and he confesses his true feelings for Chef.

Another amazing thing about 10 dates was the dialogue between the characters from the flirtatious banter between Joan and Six throughout the novel. The character’s dialogue is brilliant especially with witty banter and retorts that add to the personality of each character. The dialogue is never overly narrative and I believe this is because of Joan’s perspective and her internal thoughts and feelings definitely break up the larger chunks of dialogue making it a lot easier to read and process. I did find that Joan’s voice was the only one that was completely consistent as she seems very naïve and young initially with her becoming more feisty and mature feeling as the novel progresses but apart from that everyone’s voices were consistent and extremely distinct, we know exactly who is talking with needing to be told because of their unique voices and speech patterns.

My least favorite character was Chris because, in one word, douche. My favorite character has to be Six, his flirtatious banter, snarky retort and overall personality make it near impossible not to love him. I didn’t like the fact Joan comes across so naïve in the first few chapters but it does eventually enhance her transformation into a more confident woman by the end of the novel.

Some people may view the plot as cliché but it was a  very unique perspective on an overused genre. I found the references and style of the novel to be very current and extremely relatable. I highly recommend this book to all especially if you are a fan of contemporary romance novels. I loved everything about Emily James’ writing and the whole package she created within 10 dates and I hope she will be writing something like this very soon in the future.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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