King by Jess Bentley

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Title: King

Author: Jess Bentley

Genre: Erotic Fiction/ Romance

Rating: *

Review: The opening to King was brilliant we meet Jordan at the funeral of her best friend Kelsey. On her way home to her parents she bumps into Raleigh King her father’s best friend from college and business partner. While their attraction is immediately Jordan is too overwhelmed by Kelsey’s death to think about relationships, she also decides to a tribute holiday to Paris with the money Kelsey leaves her in her will, which conveniently King is heading for business. When we are introduced to King’s perspective, we see him extremely affected by Jordan despite knowing her since she was a baby he wants her more than any woman he’s had before and he is hoping she goes to France, far away from her parents where he may be able to make a move on her.

King hires a private investigator to get more information on the girl he hasn’t seen in a decade. When they both arrive in Paris separately some strange thing occur with Jordan being followed and harassed by several men. We also learn that Kelsey was doing some things behind Jordan’s back getting her into some trouble but nothing King can’t save her from. As we approach the half way mark in the novel we can see Kelsey has done something bad involving Jordan although she has no idea. Jordan is leaving in a couple days to go back to America and King feels he has to protect her from the storm that’s about to hit her life. I want keen on the sex scene between Jordan and King as they seems very rushed and poorly written.

After the reading of Kelsey’s will we learn that she had cameras installed in Jordan’s home and made money from the videos which she leaves to Jordan but she feels completely violated and sickened by her supposed friends actions. After her world implodes Jordan agrees to go back to Paris with King and start a new life. I didn’t like the way the romance and relationships overall are written in this novel they are choppy, inconsistent and abusive at best.

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