Save Me, Daddy by Jess Bentley

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Title: Save Me, Daddy

Author: Jess Bentley

Genre: Erotic Fiction/ Romance

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to Save Me, Daddy was brilliant. It was hot and steamy with plenty of teasing to wet the reader’s appetite. We meet Kita who is preparing to attend the Chi Rho Pi Bake Sale as a charity event, but when she arrives she feels something isn’t right because everyone in attendance is male and she doesn’t see any form of baked goods in sight. We learn that the bake sale isn’t for things like cookie but it is an auction of girls and Lizzie drugs Kita in order to get her to participate but luckily Daniel arrives and break the whole thing up and takes Kita to his home so she can recover from the drugs she has been given.

Daniel tries to explain to Kita that Lizzie was never her friends but Kita doesn’t believe him until she gets back to the sorority house where she sees a video on the internet of her doing suggestive things under the influences of the drugs she was given. Kita doesn’t really have anywhere to go but luckily for her Daniel gave her a key to his place so she could have somewhere safe to go should she ever need it. After a video of Kita ends up on YouTube Daniel offers to let her stay in his guest room as she has nowhere else to go which she accepts because it is one of the only the places she actually feels safe right now.

As we cross into the second half of the story we see see both Kita and Daniel begin to feel attracted sexually to one another despite the obvious age gap between them. Daniel has to go away for a few days on business and we see him digging into the sorority that has been organizing the “bake sales”. Lizzie begins to lash out even going as far as to break into Daniel’s home and leave behind the top Kita was wearing at the bake sale but Daniel protects her even when he isn’t there but we can see the attraction building very slowly between the pair. Daniel and Kita act on their attraction but very tentatively at this point we have only see them masturbate or orally pleasure each other but there is a constant threat of Lizzie and the other girls hanging over them.

As we cross into the final section of the story we see everything come together in the nicest of ways. We see Kita and Daniel officially get together and he even asks her to marry him which she agrees to and Lizzie finally gets what she deserves. In the epilogue we see Daniel and Kita preparing to see the birth of their first child in less than six months, we also see Kita reunited with her family that she has been separated from for years. I loved the story and characters and I can’t wait to read more from this author very soon.

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