Daddy’s Best Friend by Tia Siren

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Title: Daddy’s Best Friend

Author: Tia Siren

Genre: Erotic Fiction/ Romance

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Daddy’s best friend was delicious we meet Linda who is determined to sleep with her father’s business partner Samuel to get back at her father for being so overprotective despite all of her confidence she is still a virgin at 22. Linda does succeed though in sleeping with Sami only because he doesn’t recognize who she is at first but when he does he is through into some turmoil because Linda’s father Wilson would kill him if he ever found out. Despite this the pair intend to keep their secret and even see more of each other in time.

Samuel after his encounter with Linda is extremely confused as he wants to know what she wants, despite being a womanizer and sleeping with his “friend” after Linda he just can’t get her out of his mind and it drives him slightly mad. After a few weeks Linda tells Sami that she is pregnant with his baby but she doesn’t plan on telling her father that Sami is the father of her baby but when he father has to leave for Italy on business he asks Sami to take care of Linda while he is away.

We also learn more of Samuel’s past and how he was molded into the kind of man he is today but we also see that Linda is very slowly changing that especially as her pregnancy progresses. After a misunderstanding Samuel tries to bring a girl home but is caught by Linda, he discloses what his past was like and they begin to push each other boundaries and build some level fo truth between them although Wilson still poses as a problem especially after he made the comment that he would shoot Samuel if he ever touched Linda.

The ending of this story was beautiful we see Linda and Samuel get their happy ending as a family and they even get Wilson’s blessing because he can see his daughter truly love his business partner. I hope to see more of these characters and I can’t wait to read more by Tia Siren very soon.


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