Daughter of Etheron by Brandon Young

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Title: Daughter of Etheron

Author: Brandon Young

Genre: Fantasy/Action

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Daughter of Etheron was brilliant we meet Elenah Lockwood who is a princess on Etheron and her mentor/protector Gilgan. Etheron seems to be a state of resistance with people rising up against the Council the very people that will be protecting Elenah among others and the very people Elenah doesn’t trust. We learn the Elenah is actually part of a rebellion against the rule of the Council and we are introduced to some of her allies inside the rebellion like Oswald, Morgan and Korvis. We learn that magic has been banned on Etheron although some like Korvis have been learning despite the ban, Korvis wants to take Elenah off the world but before he gets a chance the Forty-Ninth Council had arrived. We also meet Teveran who is the high prince and Elenah’s brother, he is to become the Grand Highlord within Council. Teveran is scared about leaving with the Council because he believes his sister knows more than she is letting on but he doesn’t have any choice but to comply with the Council’s demand as he knows they are recruiting for a war. This book gives of the same vibes as Illuminae did so I am sure I can expect some very good things from this book.

Gilgan as one of the oldest characters we have met so far knows what the coming war will be like as he has witnessed similar wars in the past. His one mission seems to be to protect Teveran and Elenah, but with the Council taking Teveran he can now only devote himself to Elenah and keeping her safe. Gilgan tries to convince the rebellion that going to war with the Council will do them no favors and only cause more trouble and death but his pleas go unheard by those who need to hear them the most. Rather than being taken to the Council’s flagship Teveran is placed on a ship heading to the front lines of Corion, having little to no battle experience or training Teveran is extremely afraid that he is going to die before his journey has even begun.

As we approach the 1/4 mark in the novel we see Teveran only survive the landing on Corion because of Commander Vallon although he tries several times to tell the commander he is the High Prince and shouldn’t be on the front lines his protests fall on deaf ears. When the rebellion make their move against the Council Oswald warns Elenah that they will be coming for her and she must get as far away as she kind but much like her brother she is naive to the true harshness of the world but she knows she has to try. As chaos erupts on Etheron there isn’t much anyone can do but hope and pray that they will survive the war. As we rejoin Teveran on Corion we see the absolute destruction that is taking place and how wrong Teveran feels this is, killing the inhabitants isn’t something he though the Council would do and he prays for his sister to find a way to help him even though Vallon now believes him as swears to get him to the Council’s flagship. Elenah eventually meets up with Oswald within the chaos and he agrees to fly her out because she can’t do it herself even though she would be safer without him.

As we cross the 1/4 mark in the novel help arrives on Corion for Terevan but unfortunately he looks like the only survivor of the squad that landed there. I loved the constantly changing perspectives and locations as it just enhances the chaos and fear all the characters are feeling at this moment in time. We also see Gilgan accept his mission to bring Terevan and Elenah home as he is the only one that can save Etheron now and he only has four days before the Council begin building their military base on their planet. Oswald and Elenah has to make a stop on Mokuura which happens to be one of the places Oswald is wanted but he hopes they have forgotten him after five long years. We learn that Elenah is a magician which she doesn’t know of and that she wields a very strong power, a power people have been searching for ages. We see Terevan saved from the horrors on Corion but we also see the Council’s attack on Mokuura where Elenah currently is with Oswald and a new friend in Hannah. As they escape the burning city the group now has to more more escape from the Council’s rage.

As we approach the half way mark in the novel we see Terevan meet with his uncle the current Grand Highlord who he will be replacing in due course. He learns of the attack on Mokuura without knowing his sister, the one person he wants to protect is currently there. We learn that Gilgan thinks a man called Fex, who he knew once is trying to bring back the ghost of the Dark Lord and in order to do so he needs certain magical stones, one of which is in Gilgan’s possession. Gilgan is trying to get to the Council’s flagship in order to set things right. Getting off Mokuura is no easy task and the group lose Oswald in the process but we learn why he has been keeping Eukaloo with him and Elenah is one step closer to truly understand what is happening in the galaxy right now. We learn that Fex has been controlling the Council and how has both Gilgan and Terevan under his control but with Elenah on the opposite side of the war I can see both siblings being forced to fight one another.

As we cross into the second half of the novel Elenah and Hannah end up on Eukaloo’s home planet. We see the ripples of darkness spreading throughout the galaxy even to planets that have long been peaceful. We see Terevan with Fex and he just knows something ins’t right with the man and resists him but whether this resistance can last long enough for Elenah to save them is yet to be seen. Terevan also learns of Elenah’s disappearance and he blame Gilgan not knowing that Gilgan is being held prisoner on board the same ship.

As we approach the 3/4 mark in the novel we see Fex and Gilgan come to blows while both are powerful magicians Fex has the upper hand. Gilgan tries to reason with Fex but nothing gets through Fex now plans to hunt down the nine people hding the stone and kill them in order to get what he wants, even though what he wants is utter madness. We see Terevan fight Fex but he begins to see some truth in Fex’s madness, and Fex does reminds him of Gilgan. We can see Terevan’s resolve fading each and every day he spends with Fex and I am praying the Elenah will find and free him before he is completely lost to the darkness Fex carries with him. Elenah and Hannah travel to Saecon IV in the hopes of finding someone who can point Elenah to her brother but all they find there is death and the rebellion. Just as I suspected Terevan does give in to Fex and agrees to help him thinking he can save his planet and his family while being naive enough to believe that Fex has no ulterior motive.

We see Fex beginning to poison Terevan’s mind against Gilgan and all he had taught Terevan to stand for. We also see Elenah working hard to try and find Terevan although it feels like the universe is working against, creating obstacles for her at every turn although I feel everything will be resolved very soon. Behind the scenes we can see Fex manipulating Terevan and the only person that can free him from this dark influence is his sister, but she is nowhere to be seen right now.

As we cross into the final section of the novel we see Elenah access more of her power but it seems to cause her quite a lot of pain, in one of her visions she sees a way she can defeat the mysterious man (Fex) that she will be facing soon and I gathered that this information came from Gilgan. We also see Fex use Korvis as a back up plan in case Terevan can’t follow orders and he also has orders to kill Elenah if she tries to interfere with their plans. Terevan realises that what his uncle stood for isn’t what he himself wants to stand for as Grand Highlord but he has to finish the war his ancestors started. As the climax of the novel begins to build, we see Elenah preparing to fulfill her role in saving her brother from Fex’s darkness with the help of new, old and sometimes strange allies within the rebellion. After Elenah confronts both Teveran and Fex she unleashes the true power Gilgan gave her and takes her brother away from the corrupted soul on-board the ship. The final pages of Daughter of Etheron were brilliant, they made me cry so much especially during the battle scene and we see what is truly happening and what has become of certain characters.

Overall, this book gave me the same vibes Illuminae and Gemina did so I would highly recommend it to all sci-fi and fantasy fans. It has some amazingly well-developed characters with tons of action and plot development. The magic system is also really unique and is explained in tiny snippets at the beginning of every chapter so you don’t fully understand the magic system until the very final chapters where magic is used the prominently.

I was sent this book for review consideration by YA Bound Book Tours

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