Roar by Cora Carmack (Preview)

Book Preview51kDvx7vo8L._SY346_
Title: Roar
Author: Cora Carmack
Genre: Fantasy/Action/Romance
Rating: ****
Review: This preview to Roar which will be released on June 13th of this year was brilliant and very gripping. In the prologue we are introduced to the land of Caelira whose people were gifted the power of the tempest by the goddess Rezna and these people were known as Stormlings. We meet Aurora Pavan who its the heir of One of the strongest Stormling families who has been arranged to marry a Stormling prince from another kingdom. Aurora its different though desire coming from a strong Stormling family she has no storm magic at all and will go to any lengths to keep this secret with her mother’s aid.

When she meets her soon to be husband Cassius Locke she is immediately fascinated and terrified by him and the amount of power he is able to wield. Aurora despite being trapped in an arranged marriage with Cassius is extremely attracted to him and holds out hope for their marriage while Cassius is also surprised by her he still sees her as a way out of his father’s control. After an accident between the pair during training Cassius bribes a palace maid to feed him information about Aurora`s “well-being”. One night when following Cassius Aurora discovers an underground illegal market where magic is bought and sold and she immediately sees a way to gain what she had always lacked; storm magic.
This preview was great it really hooks the reader with amazing characters, an interesting plot and a unique magic system which I personally haven’t seen before. I can’t wait for the book to come out in the summer so I can continue reading this story as soon as I can.
I was sent this review copy by NetGalley
Buy it here:
Kindle Edition:


  1. TeacherofYA · May 3, 2017

    I’m part of the Street Team and still need to read it! I think it’s next on the list!


    • novellover97 · May 3, 2017

      lol it was great can’t wait to buy the full book x


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