Kidnapped by 2 Men by Summer Cooper

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Title: Kidnapped by 2 men

Author: Summer Cooper

Genre: Erotic Fiction/Romance/Suspense

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Kidnapped by 2 men was amazing, we meet Lily who is the secretary of a very successful businessman; James Dominick and is often the butt of office rumours about sleeping with the boss and often being a general slut while Lily is the exact opposite. One night while working late with her boss some men break into his home and take Lily hostage while James abandoned her and locked himself in his safe room. Lily learns two of her captors are called Cameron and Liam and her boss is just as bad as these men as she learns of the things he has done. Lily despite her situation finds herself attracted to the men she is being held by.

We learn that both Cameron and Liam came from abusive homes and their foster parents and sister; Annalise are the people James kidnapped and they only wants their location revealed. After a few days there is still no word from James and both men are trying to control their lust towards Lily but one night during a storm and power outage Cameron comforts Lily and ends up kissing her knowing it’s what they both want. When their lust emerges the boys withdraw because they want Lily’s first time to be special and because Liam and Cameron share their women they believe that Lily could be the woman for them because of the way she accept both their affections so easily. But it is going to take some work because Lily was in love with James and they have to convince her they aren’t the same as him but they also hurt her feelings when they paused their advances towards her.

As we approach the half way mark in the novel Liam and Cameron don’t approach Lily again but she is making it extremely difficult for them to stay away even going as far to pleasure herself in front of them, just begging them to give in but their resistance is strong although I have the feeling it won’t last much longer. Both men want Lily to make her own decisions after they release her, they want her to willing return to their embrace but Lily’s introduction to the erotic world only leaves her wanting more, wanting them. After some serious stuff goes down the men release Lily where she almost immediately quits her job at James’ firm and waits for Liam and Cameron to find him. After meeting with an old friend; Becca Lily realises she isn’t going to give up on finding Liam and Cameron and she will do whatever it takes.

As we cross into the final section of the novel we see Liam and Cameron find Lily a month after they released her and she goes willing with them because they give her a feeling of safety and peacefulness she hasn’t felt since she left the house. Their first night together was amazing to read, Cameron is the soft, loving one the one that provides comfort and love while Liam is the dominant want wanting to restraint and fuck women into abandon which he definitely does with Lily, although he doesn’t go into full BDSM just some light bondage initially.

Things become dark when James from wherever he vanished to send Lily a package full of photos. These photos are of Cameron and Liam beating people into bloody messes, Lily realises that these men are no better than James and flees although the boys have left that life behind and immediately try and track down Lily because they love her. For nearly 3 months Lily has been living in Alaska where Liam and Cameron haven’t been able to find her as she has been under James’ care. After falling and breaking her skull Lily is rushed to hospital where Liam and Cameron are waiting for her, it is also when she gets the news she is nearly 3 month pregnant with their baby. After some serious explaining everything Lily thought is cleared up and all is right, they even say I love you to each other.

The epilogue to this novel was brilliant, Lily gives birth to twin girls Kerry and Katie. She has also meet Annalise who she is now firm friends with, she is also married to both men, although she is legally married to Cameron she plans to marry Liam in their own private ceremony. I liked the fact the ending to this novel was happy but tainted with the sad events of the past but there is so much hope for a brighter and better future. Despite being an erotic novel this book also has amazing amounts of suspense, action and romance. So I would highly recommend it.

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