Dark Road Home by Angela Bennett

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Title: Dark Road Home

Author: Angela Bennett

Genre: Thriller/Action/Crime

Rating: ****

Review: The opening prologue to Dark Road Home was amazing we meet Ethan McBain was is a criminal defence attorney preparing to leave his office for a night out with his daughter when he is killed. We then jump sixteen years into the future where we meet Annabelle or Belle for the first time moving on with her life with Dr. Mark Stratton when an FBI agent turns up on her doorstep with a request to meet Anthony Carzozza. We are also introduced to Joseph a former hit man for the men that will use Belle as leverage against himself and the only way to do that is convince her to help the FBI, which is going to be no small task.

As we approach the 1/4 mark in the novel McBain and Banks Investigation receives a strange call that ultimately leads back to Anthony Carzozza leading Belle to be very curious and change her mind about meeting him. When Belle arrives in Florida she is given the run down on the Carzozza’s story leading up to his incarceration by the FBI giving us some needed background information and connecting Walters and Carzozza but the type of connection isn’t clear yet, so we don’t know whether she is helping him or just another victim. Belle also gets the feeling she is being watched but shrugs it off as paranoia about seeing Carzozza.

As we cross the 1/4 mark in the novel Belle meets Cazozza face to face where she learns there may be more to her father’s death than she first realized and Walter’s and her son are victims and she holds the key to setting them free. We can see a multiple of different story line weaving between and through one another with the common goal on finding the truth and surviving it. As Belle contemplates the information Cazozza gave her she begins to do some digging on her own but the ties between the characters are so fuzzy it just leaves her confused and the entire time she has the FBI breathing down her neck. Her trump card is her friend and partner Osmond doing some digital digging from back home feeding her any information he gets.

As we approach the half way mark in the novel things get darker and more dangerous especially for Belle. We learn that Simone has his eyes trained on Belle, he also reflects on his past and how he put Carzozza exactly where he is right now. Belle believes that Simone’s motives are personal especially concerning her and she is right but the motive for Simone’s actions still isn’t clear although he has made it clear he wants Belle and E.J Walter’s son.

As we cross into the second half of the novel Belle and Osmond are being to piece together the mystery laid before while the FBI are discussing giving Belle full disclosure as she is the only one that can lead them right to Simone but doing so will put her life in danger. We also see 101 different things going on in the intertwining story lines, but at this point I still had now idea how the book was going to end but I was sure it was going to involve Simone, Joseph, E.J and Belle.

As we cross into the final section of the novel we see Simone finally make his move on Belle and E.J, while Belle learns who the father of E.J. is it isn’t explicitly written down but I think I know who it is but the connection to Belle still isn’t clear and there are only 50 pages left. E.J. does manage to escape with help but Belle and Joseph are now under the control of Simone’s men and their options are limited. As we speed towards the climax we see unlikely partnerships being formed and unlikely love interests coming to the front. But with less than 40 pages left I was extremely doubtful about whether the author could wrap this novel up properly given the amount of loose ends we still have at this point.

The final pages of this novel however were brilliant, the story line is resolved but leaves an great opening for the second instalment Book of Hours. I can honestly say I loved the characters and the plot although it was a little slow in the beginning for my liking. I highly recommend this to crime and thriller readers and because of its short length I’d also recommend to new readers in these genres.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Kate Tilton’s Author Services

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