Once and For All by Sarah Dessen SNEAK PEAK

415juKU54GL._SY346_This sneak peak of Once and for all was amazing we meet Louna who is preparing to take over her mother’s wedding business some day. We join Louna, her mother Natalie and her mother’s business partner William as they see through a wedding with a bride who has cold feet and the eventually aftermath of this. We also learn of Louna`s upbringing and childhood, at the time of her birth Louna`s parents where both hippies but eventually her father Louis left leaving Natalie to raise Louna by herself.

Louna is quite jaded and cynical for someone in the wedding planning profession but her best friend Jilly provides a great contact their as she is a huge optimist constantly trying to pull Louna from her unsociable shell. During another wedding scene which I feel are going to be a key desire of the book she meets Ambrose Little, who off arrogant, slightly selfish and he completely gets on Louna`s nerves. Despite this we can see the similarities in their personalities although there are some major differences between the pair as well.
We also see Louna`s worry about college and work especially concerning whether or not she will take over the family business. While not a lot happened in this sneak peak I will definitely be buying the book just to see what happens next.
I received this sneak peak from NetGalley
Buy it here:
Paperback/Hardcover: amazon.co.uk     amazon.com
Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk

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