Buying the Virgin (Books 1-5) by Simone Leigh

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Title: Buying The Virgin (Books 1-5)

Author: Simone Leigh

Genre: Erotic Fiction

Rating: *****

Review: The first book The Virgin: Auctioned was amazing, we meet Charlotte who is auctioning her virginity and her body for one week to the highest bidder in order to put herself through college after the collapse of her marriage. Her new Master tells her she can make even more money by allowing him to share her with others during their week which is eventually agrees to. I thought this was a great opening scene to the story and a great opening to the series. James her Master does agree to share her but on their first night together its just them as he takes her virginity and introduced her to the wonders and pleasures of sex. James isn’t cruel or rough with Charlotte in fact he does everything and anything he can to help with her nerves and he even tells her what he is doing so nothing surprises her.

In the Virgin: Sold James and Charlotte are joined by Michael an old friend of James’s who is going to be sharing Charlotte with him. I found the transition between Charlotte losing her virginity then having her first threesome in the space of 24 hours a little bit of a stretch but it was an enjoyable read and towards the end of this story the theme of BDSM is introduced. I liked Michael although we don’t get to know him much before they end up in the bedroom.

In The Virgin: No More James and Michael introduce Charlotte to the SM side of BDSM which was a treat to read as the slowly and intimately break her in. James then discusses taking Charlotte to a BDSM club where he has invited a lot of the men at Charlotte`s original auction. I loved the fact that despite being a virgin less than three days prior Charlotte dives head first into everything her Master throws at her. Charlotte is blindfolded upon arrival at the club so she has no idea who is present other than Michael and James. At the club the men play cards and the winner of each hand gets ten minutes with Charlotte. After several rounds of teasing the men decide they are going to take turns having their way with Charlotte.

In The Virgin: Unleashed we see the aftermath of the club as Charlotte is realizing some of her hidden desire while still being innocent especially when Michael mentions taking her other virginity and by this he means her anal virginity but she has no clue. When the time comes for that I noticed that James takes a slight step back and allows Michael to take the lead but he still remains the most dominant force in the room. So far Charlotte and James have spent six days together which means the final story is going to be about their last day together.

In the final story in this collection The Virgin: Fulfilled we see Charlotte spend her last day alone with Michael and James just gently memorizing their final moments together and when the time comes for them all part James and Michael give Charlotte their contact information should she ever want to see them again which I think she will and I cant wait to read more of her adventures.

Overall I’d highly recommend this box set and I cant wait to get my hands on the second one over soon. I really enjoyed Leigh`s writing style and the characters were great. I cant wait to follow more of Charlotte`s adventures in the future.

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