The Princess, The Pea & The Night of Passion by Rosetta Bloom

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Title: The Princess, The Pea & The Night of Passion

Author: Rosetta Bloom

Genre: Erotic Fiction/Retelling

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to The Princess, The Pea & The Night of Passion was great we meet Prince Richard who is seeking out Lionel`s daughter so he can cure his randiness he is stuck in the castle due to a storm when Adara Tafweek; a princess from another kingdom arrives to seek shelter from the downpour. We learn that Adara has fled from her home after being arranged to marry an old Sultan with several other wives and she is looking for someone who loves and wants her alone.

We see Adara and Richard come together in more than one way. When they come together sexually its great because Adara is a virgin while Richard is very sexually active but he feels different with her, he wants her and her alone. The other side is when they come together emotionally when Adara tells Richard her whole story and he promises that he won’t let her be taken back to her arranged marriage or possible death.

After their night of undeniably passion Richard promises Adara that he will deal with her father’s men permanently so she doesn’t have to live in fear. While I had quite a clear idea of what he was going to do the author actually only gave one or two hints to the reader. In the end Richard does offer to marry Adara but this isn’t the way he got rid of her father’s men and I found his plan to be ingenious. I would recommend this book to people who like to read erotic retelling as it is quite faithfully to the original text but with nature themes.

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