Get Naked by Lucia Jordan

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Title: Get Naked

Author: Lucia Jordan

Genre: Erotic Fiction

Rating: ***

Review: The opening to Get Naked was great we meet Carrie and Gabriel who are both working at the same software company of which Gabriel owns 80%, Carrie is working on some software Gabriel knows is going to fail again whereas Carrie disagrees. The pair make a bet where if the software fails Carrie has to be Gabriel’s submissive for a week.

As Gabriel predicted Carrie’s software crashed and burned meaning she lost the bet and while she initially resists Gabriel’s affections she eventually gives in. Unlike other books I have read with a dominant and submissive relationship Gabriel isn’t a soft dom he is hard and rough with Carrie which she loves to a point but does draw the line at certain things.

Things get complicated though when only two days into the week long liaison Carrie learns that Gabriel was with another girl in Atlanta only days before which he didn’t disclose to Carrie making her angry enough to leave him hard and horny. I can’t wait to read book two now in order to learn what Gabriel does to make it up to Carrie as he also has to work with her.

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