Preacher’s Son: Unbound by Jasinda Wilder

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Title: Preacher’s Son: Unbound

Author: Jasinda Wilder

Genre: Erotic Fiction

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to Preacher’s Son was great, we meet Shea and Timothy also known as Tre. Shea had left her rich husband Dan for a quiet life in Mississippi, while Tre is a preacher’s son, he is also very innocent but the attraction between the pair can be seen from the second they lay eyes on one another.

Tre’s innocence and awkwardness is nice to see because this is usually stereotyped on the female character. Shea is very forward in her intentions towards Tre and he happily accepts them and agrees to meet her at her house the following day. Shea teaches Tre about sex and helps him free himself of his innocence and his father’s teachings. Shea feels overwhelmed by Tre because no man makes her feel this way until him although it is a bit sad when we learn Shea can’t conceive children.

The sex scene in this short novel was great it was slow and full of exploration and innocence while still being extremely passionate. Wilder does leave us on a huge cliff hanger with her and Tre in bed together when Tre’s father comes knocking on Shea’s door so I have to get the second book now to see what happens to this slightly unusual couple.

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