The Black Room: Door Three by Jasinda Wilder

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Title: The Black Room: Door Three

Author: Jasinda Wilder

Genre: Erotic Fiction

Rating: ****

Review: After reading The Black Room: Door One I was intrigued to read more in this series and while I’d recommend reading them in order each can be read as a stand alone. We rejoin our unnamed woman who we learn is called Hannah Tavistock with a man called Conrad who purchased her as they make a horseback journey through the wilderness. As they take refuge in a cave they are joined by a second man Charlie Markham who takes an unhealthy interest in Hannah but Conrad refuses to sell her again.

As the pair continue on their travels Hannah tries to figure out why Conrad bought her and although she resents the fact he did she is also grateful for his presence. After days of hard riding they arrive at Conrad`s cabin deep in the wilderness. Hannah seems uncomfortable in his presence especially when he teases her so to appease her he offers her a deal, if she stays with him for a month and stills hate it he will take her to Denver and set her up there which she agrees to.

After a while the pair grow closer and eventually end up in each other’s arms. Out of the few books I have read by Wilder this sex scene was my favourite because despite their words they are bearing their souls to each other. Just like I suspected Charlie does show up again to try and steal Hannah from Conrad and just as he begins to think he has succeeded Conrad appears and kills him. On their way back they run into some native warriors called Utes who bargain with Conrad for houses. I loved this scene because you just feel the Utes are dangerous but completely in tune with nature. This is shown when the Ute warrior manages to roe and ride an unbroken horse which Conrad has been trying to do for weeks. They even agree for Ute to return should the mate have fouls.

As the time comes for Hannah to leave Conrad and head back to the room of doors she wishes there was some way she could stay. But when she awakes in the room of doors with the this light extinguished she knows she can only move forward. We see Hannah door number four where she appears to be a maid in the service of Mister Killian where she is to be the prize in a gentlemen’s card game. I cant wait to read the rest of this series as soon as I can. My only complaint is I wanted Hannah and Conrad`s story to a lot longer than it actually was.

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