Rock Hard by Lucia Jordan

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Title: Rock Hard

Author: Lucia Jordan

Genre: Erotic fiction

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to Rock Hard was great we meet Dallas who is returning home to Texas from Italy. As she arrives at her father’s home she is getting by the sight of two old friends: Cole Smith and Zane Blake and her brother Peyton. We learn that Cole, Zane and Dallas have a lot of history together and both young men appreciate the fine young woman Dallas has turned into.

As Dallas tries to settle back into Texan life after 8 years ago from her General father and cold, unfeeling mother her thoughts also turn to the two playful boys she left and the two handsome men she returned to. We also learn that Dallas holds a special place in both Cole and Zane’s hearts. We see that Dallas has a frosty relationship with her father at best and her brother plays the role of peacemaker quite often. I liked seeing the mounting sexual tension between Dallas, Cole and Zane as it just adds to the anticipation of what is to come between this group of childhood friends.

When the group go for a night out at a local bar their desires are brought to the front in a night of wild passion. But before they can even speak to each other they are interrupted by Peyton who without warning attacked Zane and Cole launching all three of them out a fifty feet window. The story does end here and despite being short it was a great read and I can’t wait to pick you the second book very soon.

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