Naughty by Lucia Jordan

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Title: Naughty

Author: Lucia Jordan

Genre: Erotic Fiction

Rating: ***

Review: This is the second short story I have read by Lucia Jordan, we meet Lexie and Alex at a wedding rehearsal which is more of a college reunion. Lexie is the best friend of the bride and Alex is the best man, and clear both characters are extremely attracted to one another but Lexie refused to go for coffee with Alex when he asks because she feels he is a bit of a player. She also finds his admission that he has liked her for years slightly insincere.

After ten days of both people constantly thinking about the other and being suspended in a constant state of arousal. During the wedding ceremony neither can stop looking at the other and eventually Alex corners Lexie to ask her if she’s in a relationship which she isn’t. When he kisses her for the first time the electricity and chemistry between them is insane. After teasing her to the edge of oblivion Alex leaves Lexie wanting because he knows she doesn’t understand what he wants because Alex is an extremely dominant person.

When Alex explains that he wants Lexie to be his submissive she agrees although she does not fully understand what he means but she is excited to learn. As Alex tries to explain Lexie pushes his limits by kissing and touching him when she hasn’t been given permission to do so. They begin their tentative relationship as dominant and submissive but one night at a club Lexie’s drunk boyfriend Todd shows up.

Lucia Jordan sure knows how to write a cliff hanger I feel compelled to pick up the second book in order to find out what happens to the pair after Lexie lied about being in a relationship before getting involved with Alex. While this story was good I felt it was too short and there should have gone into more depth when Alex and Lexie began their relationship and I also though Todd should have been introduced earlier in a prequel scene.

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Also see: Rock Hard by Lucia Jordan


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