Escorted by Claire Kent

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Title: Escorted

Author: Claire Kent

Genre: Erotic fiction/ Romance

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Escorted was great we meet Lori was is a famous romance novelist who is still a virgin and decides to hire a escort named Ander to take care of her problem. When they meet properly for the first time the character’s reactions are perfect; Lori is tense and extremely anxious about is going to happen as a virgin would be while Ander is completely at ease and does everything he can to help Lori relax. The first sex scene we see isn’t a full scene as it is in most erotic fiction but rather Ander talks and guides Lori through her first experience of oral sex and orgasm.

As we approach the 1/4 mark in the novel the first full sex scene between Lori and Ander was amazing. He makes her feel so at ease in his presence and because Lori isn’t going by her fantasies because she wants real the entire scene feels real. We the readers almost feel like a voyeur looking in on this most intimate scenes. We also learn in addition to Ander being Lori’s first she is also the first virgin he has been with. Lori is so fascinated and attracted to Ander that she quickly sets up a third meeting within a month of meeting him. I loved both Lori and Ander as their personalities just perfectly contrast one another. Lori takes the role of student as sex is a completely new thing to her while Ander who is far more experienced takes the role of teacher. Her naturally nervous disposition also compliments his very frank nature.

As we cross the 1/4 mark in the novel Lori and Ander are seeing each other on a semi regular basis and Lori is becoming interested in getting to know Ander as a person rather than just in the bedroom. We also learn that Ander enjoys reading Lori’s novels although he doesn’t know this as Lori writes under a pen name. I liked this slow, gradual build up of their relationship but we are always left with the question of whether it can go anyway. We see Lori developing some feelings towards Ander but she is also entering the dating world and has arranged a dinner date with a fellow author.

As we approach the half way mark in the novel Lori ends her professional relationship with Ander to work on a personal relationship with her boyfriend Phil but we the reader feel that both Lori and Ander are backing away from the relationship because they are developing romantic feelings for each other despite their denial. After some deliberation and getting dumped Lori decides to schedule an appointment with Ander and after their hiatus we see them open up and begin to truly relax together. Ander even goes as far as saying that he has been cutting back on clients and I suspect it is because he wants to spend more time with Lori.

As we cross into the second half of the novel we see Lori and Ander spend a weekend together were their relationship gets far more intimate as Ander pleasures Lori orally without protection because he trusts her and Lori voicing her desire for Ander to not hold back vocally in bed. We also see them sort of admit their want for without actually voicing it and with some investigation Lori finds out who Ander actually is and it doesn’t really seem to phase her at all.

As we approach the 3/4 mark in the novel we see Lori and Ander cross the unspoken line after a very emotional run in with Ander’s father and it here that Lori finally admits to herself that she is madly in love with Ander. Rather than accepting this Lori withdraws and stops using Ander’s services because she crossed the line and I admired this because she completely disregards her own feelings and redirects what Ander told her in the beginning that he would terminate his professional relationship with anyone who crossed the line like she did although she did it at Ander’s request. We know Ander probably feels the same way because at one point he forgets to put a condom on which he has never done but we can see Lori is blind to hire Ander feels about her and he would need to tell her vocally in order for her to be comfortable with it.

As we cross into the final section of the novel things move at an astounding pace Lori and Ander build an tentative friendship after the breakdown of their professional relationship. Lori seems determined to not pursue a relationship with Ander until he retires from the escort business. Unknown to her Ander had already retired as we pursue an education for a new career and when she finds out the floodgates open. They begin a relationship which is completely new territory for both of them but we have literally been begging for this for the majority of the novel. The final pages of this novel were perfect with Lori and Ander finally voicing the emotions the both of them had been feeling for months and the epilogue was just be divine.

Overall, I thought this novel was the perfectly balance between erotica and contemporary romance. I highly recommend this book to fans of either genres or just looking for something different and heart warming to read.

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