Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney

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Title: Black Dawn

Author: Mallory McCartney

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian

Rating: ****

Review: The prologue to Black Dawn was amazing we meet Emory Fae during a power outage when as strange man she seems to know enters her apartment and attacks her. We also met Brokk who is a solider of the Black Dawn group who are in the middle of a war. We then change perspective to that of Memphis who is the Commander of the Black Dawn group, I love novel with dual or multiple perspectives because we see the novel from various viewpoints and it gives us a more rounded opinion on the story. The Black Dawn Rebellion seem to be fighting against the reign of a man called Adair. We learn that Emory is a key figure in this rebellion but years ago Brokk and Memphis wiped her memory and left her on Earth away from their world to protect her from Adair and now they are going to use her as the face of the rebellion in order to reclaim their world.

As we approach the 1/4 mark in the novel we can see there is a lot of history between Memphis, Brokk and Emory maybe even so romantic history between the trio which causes a lot of tension. We see Emory try and integrate herself into a life she can barely remembers and displays a huge amount of truth towards these people who could very well be holding her hostage so in that aspect it was a little unbelievable but I still enjoyed it. As we cross the 1/4 mark in the novel we see Emory rebuilding her relationship with Memphis as her memories return very slowly but for some reason she is scared and weary of Brokk despite being told they have been friends for most of their lives.

As we approach the half way mark in the novel the Black Dawn Rebellion is preparing to take on Adair as Emory is the only one who surpasses him in power and the only one who can draw him out far enough to be vulnerable. As Emory learns more about Keiro and herself the more confused she becomes, she can’t understand her fear of Brokk or her attraction to Memphis which Nyx complicates at every turn as she is currently sort of dating Memphis. While the love triangle aspect of this novel is implied we haven’t really seen much of it and we haven’t seen any real interaction between Brokk and Emory. The fear between them which has been presented since Emory’s arrival in Keiro has also had very little explanation. In addition to Emory’s, Brokk’s and Memphis’ points of view Nyx’s is introduced providing an antagonistic view alongside Adair’s perspective as the main antagonist. While it was meant to be impactfull I saw Nyx’s betrayal long before it arrived, the animosity between Nyx and Emory was only going to end one way so this scene doesn’t really hold the weight it should.

As we cross into the second half of the novel I liked the fact that there was something bigger and more evil at work than Adair and a lot of the characters are weighed down by their own emotions and sins especially characters like Memphis and Nyx. We begins to see the novel as one massive game of chess covered by a web of lies and deciet now it is up to a few keys players to unravel to web and open their eyes to the truth. All the while Adair is beginning to make his move and close in on the Black Dawn Rebellion and the main question now is will they prepared for the fight when it arrives. We also see a rift growing between the three main characters when Emory learns that Memphis manipulated her memories to make her fear Brokk so he could have her to himself but this doesn’t dampen the attraction she feels for him. I felt that Memphis didn’t really care for Emory but rather he was just using her for his own selfish needs the same why he did Nyx and eventually this would come back to haunt him.

As we approach the 3/4 mark in the novel I was very frustrated at Emory’s actions she knows Memphis is manipulating her but she allows him to do it. In my opinion Emory’s primary love interest should be Brokk he just suits her so much better and to be honest I don’t like Memphis as a character and I was kind of hoping he would die before the end of the novel. So when Nyx’s betrayal is uncovered and the Black Dawn have Adair’s men upon them I was hoping so much that Memphis would end up as one of the dead so Emory could end up with Brokk. As we head towards the final section of the novel the true controllers of this game have been revealed along with their plan. Both Brokk and Emory are now at their mercy and whether they all die or peace is restored solely rests on their shoulders and depends on them freeing themselves of their current situations.

As we cross into the final section of the novel Emory is in the process of making new allies, trying to free Adair’s hostages and trying to piece together her broken memory. With Memphis and Brokk captured I was wondering whether Emory would be able to do this all alone. When Memphis’ own sins are shown to him he is left broken with Nyx dying at his feet and Emory on a throne beside Adair. When Emory makes her sacrifice the only person that can save her now is Brokk but whether he will make it in time is the question now. The final pages of this novel were very confusing but it does leave a cliff hanger for a second book, so I am definitely going to have to read that just to figure out what happened at the end of this one.

Overall I found this to be a fast-paced and enjoyable read with great characters and a huge amount of action. I would recommend this novel to all fantasy and actions lover. While the plot and characters were great the romance was completely lacking. I found the love triangle to be weak at best although this is explained for the reveal to hold more weight the triangle between Emory, Brokk and Memphis should have been more in depth and drawn out. This novel deserved its rating despite the fact it does need some work and improvement.

I was sent this book for review consideration by YA Bound Book Tours

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