Alien Tentacle Chronicles – Deep Space by River Styles

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Title: Alien Tentacle Chronicles – Deep Space (Three Book Bundle)

Author: River Styles

Genre: Erotica/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to this book bundle was amazing we meet Aja who is an earthling working as an engineer of some sort on ships in space, on one of her missions they come across an alien who helps them in return they take the alien back to their ship. The alien is called four circles and speaks in sign rather than in words which I found to be a really interesting concept. Four is integrated into the human ship and “he” and Aja eventually learns to communicate effectively. We see a bond from between the inter-species pair when Four’s people leave him behind and Aja cries for his loss. While the story was good I did find the sex scene to be quite strange and you really have to wrap your head around a lot of things to fully appreciate the scene fully.

In the second story Deep Space 2 we see Aja becomes more of a teacher to Four than in the previous story as he tries to understand the way humans act and think. I loved the fact that the people’s lives in space are so well thought out from their jobs, technology and air pressure which is a great inclusion on the author’s part and would be easily overlooked in other books. In a shocking twist at the end of this story we meet Ro and Du who are Four’s wives along with Aja, and despite her physical limitations Aja is able to become pregnant with 2 of Four’s children and that they may be travelling to his home planet in the near future. I can safely say by the end of this story I was so excited to read the final one and see what happens to this very unusual pairing.

As we enter the final story Deep Space 3 I was surprised to see how well the 4 way relationship worked especially with Aja’s pregnancy. We learn that all of the children bar one she is carrying will be going to Ro and Du in less than a month but the final child Cassa is half human, half alien and will be completely hers. And the ending was absolutely brilliant albeit a little rushed for my taste. Overall I loved this box set and I can’t wait to read more by this author very soon.

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