Lycans: Scent of a Beta by Andrew Burns

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Title: Lycans: Scent of a Beta

Author: Andrew Burns

Genre: Romance/LGBT/Collection

Rating: *****

Review: This is a collection of 3 short stories; Scent of a Beta 1, 2 & 3. The first story in this collection was surprisingly good. We meet Zane who is a Beta Wolf Shifter and is a member of the Summer pack who comes across a stranded motorist who also happened to be a shifter but not one Zane recognizes. Despite having no obligation to a different pack member Zane helps him in return for his name – which is Evan. Zane saves Evan’s life and is repaid in a sexual way and my god does Burns write an amazing male on male sex scene.

By the time we get to the second story Scent of a Beta 2 we know that Zane and Evan will be seeing each other again but under what circumstances is unknown. We learn more about Evan and his past with Grey’s pack and tentatively he and Zane are building a relationship. Up until this moment their relationship has been purely sexual but we can see beneath the surface there are emotions on both shifters part. And up until this point they have managed to keep their relationship to themselves but one day Grey comes knocking looking for Evan and in return for the Summer packs’ help he offered to settle the dispute. During an argument between Zane, Grey and Kurt; the Summer packs’ Alpha, Grey outs Zane and Evan’s relationship and crap hits the fan for everyone.

As we start to read the final story Scent of a Beta 3 when know everything is going to come to a head between Grey, Zane and Evan but I was just not prepared for the amount of action that happened over the few short pages. And seeing the relationship between the two shifters finally blossom was sublime and I will love sex scenes between Zane and Evan were so beautifully written. They were also so well thought out the story weren’t just smut but also had a meaningful plot as well.

Overall I highly recommend these 3 short stories if you are looking to break into male on male romance or werewolf romance. This series highly deserved its rating and I can’t wait to read more by this author.

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