Bride Interrupted by Taylor Anne

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Title: Bride Interrupted

Author: Taylor Anne

Genre: Contemporary/Romance/Thriller

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Bride Interrupted was good, we meet Kayla who is a wedding coordinator and her pregnant friend Christi who are looking at renovating a beach side business into a suitable wedding venue, she just had to convince her grandfather’s business partner: Colton who she has never met. When they finally meet neither is partially interested in the other but both share a common interest in Earls health, Earl is Kayla’s grandfather who has had a stroke.

When Marcy one of Kayla’s brides goes missing and her engagement ring is taped to Kayla’s front door things begin to take a dark turn and all the while Kayla is trying to deal with her attraction to Colton. As we get closer to the half way mark in this story Kayla and Colton are getting close but there is a dark cloud hovering over them. When Kayla finds out about Colton’s past and the mysterious and deadly things going on she becomes weary of him.

Things take an even darker turn when the finger of blame for the horrendous events is pointed at Colton. This nearly destroys Kayla after the horrific events of her own past come back to haunt her. But when the true is finally revealed everything falls into place and both Colton and Kayla find their happily ever afters.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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