The Keeper of Portals by V. S. Nelson

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Title: The keeper of portals

Author: V S Nelson

Genre: Fantasy/ time travel

Rating: DNF

Review: The opening chapter of the keeper of portals was amazing it was the perfect balance between fantasy and comedy. We are introduced to our protagonist Martin and the keeper of portals who is a creature that sort of resembles a bird and yet has quite a dark and dry sense of humour. Things take some even stranger turns when Martin looks behind a strange door to explore without the keeper and ends up going back in time but Martin doesn’t when or where he is.

When he is torn between past and present Martin receives a gift from the keeper who are basically being held hostage. As we approach the 1/4 mark in the novel things do get a little confusing but I’m hoping that will clear up as I read on. Martin and Isabel have apparently been given the powers of keeper of portals and the keeper of time, they are trying to escape for the keeper of questions who seems intent on killing them and all the while Martin is stuck in the 1600`s and is trying to figure out a way home. Martin and Isabel begin to use their powers most often becoming more familiar with them and the rules associated with them. Isabel also comes up with a plan to speed up time and hopefully get back to Martin’s time. While this is dangerous its the only plan they have as the keeper of questions can manipulate the people in Isabel’s time. Things become ever stranger as we approach the half way point in the novel and certain aspects of the plot become very confusing but I am hoping this will all become clearer as we move towards the end of the novel.

But unfortunately this doesn’t happen and I had to DNF the book at 53% because I was completely and utterly lost and just couldn’t understand a thing that was going on in the novel.

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