High & Dry by Sarah Skilton

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Title: High and Dry

Author: Sarah Skilton

Genre: YA/Family/Mystery

Rating: *****

Review: The opening pages to High and Dry were amazing and filled to the brim with teen angst. We meet our protagonist Charlie who has recently been dumped by the girl of his dreams Ellie without explanation and he wants to find out why. We also see from quite earlier on Charlie has a bit of drinking problem brought on by this break-up. While I am not a massive fan of angst in YA novels in this particular book it sets up the atmosphere and gives an insight into Charlie’s personality and the state of his life at the present moment. The pacing of this novel are great and by the end of the first chapter Charlie has been framed for drugging a person at the party previously. I was completely drawn in by the writing style and was flying through the pages at an astounding rate.

As we approach the 1/4 mark in the novel, Charlie and Ellie seems to be talking but Bridget is blackmailing him to find her flash drive with sexy text messages and pictures which she threatens to show Ellie, but Charlie uses this to his advantage and uses them as an alibi to the police. I also love Charlie as a character because he is so flawed which makes him seem so human he is so different from other male protagonist who are perfect in body and personality and have 1000 watt smile that makes girls swoon. As Charlie tries to figure out what is going on with his friend Ryder and who framed him for Maria’s overdose we get a lot more backstory especially about Charlie and Ryder’s friendship. Charlie begins to suspect someone close to him has framed him but doesn’t have any evidence pointing to a specific person yet.

As we cross into the second half of the novel Charlie is getting closer to getting his hands on the flash drive but he has a problem he doesn’t know who to trust. Bridget desperately wants the drive but Ryder is telling him to forget about it and then there’s the mysterious BM whose offering over $2000 for the drive. I have a feeling Charlie is going to have some difficult decisions to make over the rest of the novel. As the truths begins to come to light Charlie and Ryder seems to be working together and Ellie and Charlie are moving closer together once more. While there are several mysteries overlapping on another, it never gets confusing about which course Charlie is pursuing. When Charlie finally gets his hands on the flash drive and uncovers everyone who is involved in the mystery instead of turning them in he orchestrates an auction with the flash drive being sold to the highest bidder.

As we enter the final section of the novel, everything seems to be going to plan until a new player steps into the game and throws a major spanner in the works. This was an unexpected twist so close to the end of the novel and I couldn’t wait to see how the novel ended. Overall, I loved this book it was action packed and fast paced from the first paced and full of twists and turns that kept going to the final page. This book was extremely well written and kept the promises it made right at the beginning and followed through with an amazingly gripping story. I was highly recommend this novel to all mystery fans and anyone looking for a quick read.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by Abrams & Chronicle

Buy it here:

Paperback/Hardcover: amazon.co.uk    amazon.com

Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk     amazon.com


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