Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

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Title: Gemina

Author: Jay Kristoff & Amy Kaufman

Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance/Fantasy

Rating: *****

Review: Gemina is the action-packed follow-up to Illuminae, a book quite unlike any I have ever read before. A combination of transcripts, reports and IM conversations. We are introduced to a whole host of new characters as well as some old ones. a new setting, but the same heart-racing, page-turning, rollercoaster-ride-of-emotion that I experienced with Illuminae.

Gemina is set in Heimdall, the jumpstation and destination for the refugees from the Kerenza events of book one. Hanna’s father is the resident captain, and Hanna is somewhat pampered, but definitely not to be underestimated. It’s hard to live the high life in a space station at the edge of the universe, but Hanna still wears the latest fashions, dates the most handsome guy, and illustrates her life in her journal. Nik is a member of a notorious crime family, delving (reluctantly) into their underground drug operation (it involves cows and alien parasites, and is one of the most disturbing things you will ever read about, trust me). Their lives have little in common, and their paths rarely cross.

Until BeiTech operatives invade the jumpstation. Their mission: seize the jumpstation, silence the incoming Hypatia crew, and destroy all evidence of the Kerenza attack. Little do they know who they’re going up against. Hanna’s more than a pretty face, and Nik has quite a few aces up his sleeve. But can two teenagers survive against armed militants, alien predators, and a malfunctioning wormhole that threatens to tear space and time apart.

Gemina picks up where Illuminae left off—except from the perspective of some of the people at Heimdall. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Gemina when I picked it up—mostly because I pre-ordered it after reading Illuminae and didn’t read anything about what it was about, what I did expect was what I’d gotten from Illuminae: loads of action and twists, a very high body count, and edge-of-your-seat type pacing. Gemina is all of that and more.

There are very few books that make me exclaim out loud, and Gemina can take the crown on “book I swore out loud the most while reading.” It’s hard for me to say too much without spoiling, so what I’ll say is this: I ripped through the pages like nothing else except maybe Illuminae, the sequel absolutely lived up to the incredible first book, and I need the final book of the trilogy yesterday.

My favourite part of the book was the main cast of characters and how diverse they were; both Hanna and Nik are white and able-bodied and one of the major non-protagonist characters, however is disabled uses a wheelchair and needs an oxygen mask 24/7, which was good to see. I highly recommend this book to all and I can’t wait to get my hands on Book 3 as soon as possible.

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