Rocky: The Rockefeller Christmas Tree by Jennie E. Nicassio

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Title: Rocky: The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Author: Jennie E Nicassio

Genre: Children’s/Picture Book

Rating: *****

Review: For a children’s picture book I really enjoyed Rocky. It is about a thin, wiry tree named Rocky who wants to be chosen as the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and is made fun of because he doesn’t conform to the idea of a traditional Christmas tree.

With some help from Mary a wood fairy Rocky changes to rival the biggest tree; Bruce and when the time comes for the Christmas tree to be chosen Rocky’s dream comes true. I really liked the message this books sends to children that if they believe in themselves they can do whatever they want despite what other people say.

The art in this book is great, it is bright and vibrant and perfectly compliments the story. This book will definitely hold the attention of young children and will make a great Christmas story. I highly recommend this book to parents with young children.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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