Agoraphobic by Sara Secora

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Title: Agoraphobic: inside out

Author: Sara Secora

Genre: Psychological/Thriller

Rating: *****

Review: Agoraphobic is a short story written by Sara Secora who also wrote Throne of Lies which I have also reviewed. We met Kade who is 28 and living with agoraphobia, this short take is told from his perspective and how he feels living with this illness. The illness is personified as a black shadowy demon constantly clinging to him and when he goes beyond its reach I.e. outside he can feel it calling to him playing on his fears and desperation.

Despite seeing this dark version does see the beauty in some things like a butterfly resting on a flower and he consciously know that only the majority of the world is terrifying the other percentage is wonderful. This short story was beautifully written to the point where the reader’s heart is racing, their breath quickening just like Kades. We can literally feel his fear, his sadness and his despair. I really enjoyed this little story and would love to see a longer version of this, possibly at novella or full length. Sara Secora is an amazing writer and I highly recommend everyone checks out her work.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by YA Bound Book Tours

Buy it here:

Kindle Edition:

Also see: Throne of Lies by Sara Secora


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