Half-Blood Dragon by K. N. Lee

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Title: Half-Blood Dragon

Author: K. N. Lee

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Rating: *****

Review: The opening chapter to Half-Blood Dragon was great we are introduced to Rowen and Brea who work in Withraen palace. Rowen is different from the people around her in Draconia – the dragon kingdom, unlike her friend Rowen doesn’t fit in here because she is a half blood; half dragon, half human meaning she is looked down upon in society, she also can’t do things other dragons can like flying but she does have gifts of her own which she has to keep hidden or she will die. Rowen needs to escape to get away from the dragons and the mysterious man in her prophecy into the human kingdoms but Brea feels this is too dangerous for Rowen. We are also introduced to Elian who is hunting the red dragon and may be the mysterious man from Rowen’s vision, Elian is also told to go to Withrae where Rowen currently is.

We learn that Rowen is in the castle for a reason she has a task to complete there although we don’t know what this task is, because of this Rowen never fully trusts anyone not even her friends especially since she has seen her own death and will do anything to avoid it. As we approach the 1/4 mark in the novel we see that Rowen’s life is far from easy especially serving under Macana. We are also introduced to a host of other royals besides Macana including Rickard who seems to have taken an interest in Rowen, she hates the man but desires what he represents; freedom. We also meet Prince Lawson who it seems intent on marrying Rowen and we can see the rift between the two princes of the kingdom as they both desire Rowen in very different way. Rowen does love Lawson but she is keeping secrets, Rowen is able to do magic but magic has been outlawed and if anyone especially someone like Rickard was to find out it could spell disaster for her.

Rowen’s life then takes a devesting turn and it look set that the prophecy will be fulfilled with her death, while imprisoned for her love’s death I was stunned with Rowen’s determination not to break and her ability to remain strong in this situation. As we approach the half way mark in the novel, it seems for a moment that all hope is lost as Rowen is sentenced to death by hanging even when her friends like Brea and the judge know she is innocent and condemn her anyway. As we cross into the second half of the novel the two storylines cross when Elian saves Rowen from the gallows, he knows that she is the key in leading him to the red dragon. After being liberated by the pirates Rowen has little choice but to go with them even if she isn’t 100% sure she is safe with them but she seems to trust Gavin. Her time aboard the ship doesn’t prove fruitful for Rowen with no one giving her any answers so after a particularly disturbing vision she decides against better judgement to use her power to find out the answers she so desperately wants.

As we approach the 3/4 mark in the novel things don’t seem to be looking up for Rowen and her fate is more uncertain than ever even her visions don’t provide any answers or solutions. When everything seems lost for Rowen and the other pirates when the dragons find them but once again lady luck seems to be on Rowen’s side. The final scene of the novel was amazing it provide some amazing insight into some of the novel’s previous scenes and leaves an amazing opening for the sequel which I can’t wait to read. My favourite characters in this book was Gavin because he is just your average guy drawn into some extraordinary events and the relationships that dissolve and develop between the characters are just astounding. Overall I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by The Book Nymph

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  1. TeacherofYA · March 13, 2017

    I want to read this one! What is The Book Nymph?


    • novellover97 · March 13, 2017

      yes x


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