The Keeper of Dragons: The Prince Returns by J. A. Culican

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Title: The Keeper of Dragons: The Prince Returns

Author: J. A Culican

Genre: YA/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Rating: ****

Review: The prologue which opens this novel was very intriguing, we meet Cole our protagonist struggling to find a job after high school and other teenage problems. His life is turned upside down when his parents tell him he is adopted and his real parents will be taking him back on his 18th birthday only a few days away. This opening scene is extremely mysterious and I could wait to move on. The next day as Cole’s real parents are set to arrive and take him away, he is confused and devastated so are his adoptive parents and it is heart-wrenching as he asks to stay and his parents tell him it is best if he goes with his real parents, while this scene is great it does have a ominous feel to it. As the time draws closer things take an ever stranger turn.

When his parents arrive Cole only has a few moments before he has to leave and despite his defiance somewhere within himself he knows he has to go with them whether he wants to or not. Cole’s real parents Rylan and Sila tell him they are taking him to Ochana which he has never heard of, they also tell him they are Leslos which are a type of dragon and Cole’s reaction to this is interesting. Rather than being afraid of them he is more afraid of disappointing them as he has always been average and never amounted to much. As we cross the 1/4 mark in the novel the first challenge given to Cole is to connect with his dragon and possibly shift into it as well as this is the only way he can enter Ochana. Cole is very doubtful about whether he can do this but as his parents mentioned he is very strong, so I think he just might surprise himself. Just as I suspected Cole does find his dragon and him and his parents continue on the final leg of their journey to Ochana where they are greeted by the Council. It turns out Cole is a prince and his dragon doesn’t fit with the four founding dragon types:Woland, Leslo, Galian and Sein but remarkably he has traits of all four which is extremely rare. Cole also begins to learn about his heritage and the history of dragons which I found to remarkably interesting and extremely well thought out. Before Cole can even grasp how things work in Ochana and how he is supposed to be training he is thrown into chaos as there has been a breach and the royals are taken to safe places separately in order to preserve the royal bloodline.

As we approach the half way point in the novel, the breach of Ochana is troubling everyone especially since one of the dragons that caused the breach Cairo is supposed to be loyal. One very troubling thing was the dramon he brought with him; it possessed mahier which has never been seen before and after this Cole as the Prince isn’t to be left alone at all just in case they try and attack him. As we cross the half way mark Cole believe the dramon girl is his best friend and he leads Jericho and a team to an abandoned cabin where they used to send a lot of time together. I am starting to like Jericho a lot more as a character as he is only trying to teach Cole the skills he will need to survive in Ochana and rather than treating him as something special, he treats him like he treats everyone else which I think Cole appreciates. Cairo believes Eva is something out of a prophecy made and that Cole may be involved in this as well but everything is a bit suspicious and mysterious right now. As we approach the 3/4 mark in the novel we learn of the Keeper of Dragons Prophecy and the roles Cole and Eva will play in the future of all dragons. The lives of all; dragon and human alike now fall to Eva and Cole to protect and their first challenge is defeating the farro threat that now looms upon Ochana.

As we cross over into the final section of the novel, Cole and Eva begin to learn more about the farros – the creatures they will be facing, apparently they are descendent from fairies. Cole and Eva along with a team of Wolans head to meet with the farros but all sense that this could possibly be a trap and with only 20 pages left in novel I can wait to see have it ends and start on the sequel very soon. As I predicted the meeting at Farro Grove doesn’t go according to plan but the farros underestimated the loyalty of dragons and the power of the Keeper of Dragons, these things combined give the dragons an advantage. The last 10 pages of this novel were outstanding with the farro mission a success the dragon return to Ochana and begin discussing the possibility of war with many other dark creatures. This however is pushed aside in the final chapter as we watch Cole officially claim his place of Prince of Ochana with Eva right by his side. I have a feeling a romantic relationship may develop between these two at some point and I can’t wait to get stuck into the second book straight away.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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