15 Questions about Social Media by Massimo Moruzzi

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Title: 15 Questions about Social Media

Author: Massimo Moruzzi

Genre: Non-Fiction

Rating: ****

Review: The introduction to 15 Questions about Social Media poses some important questions to the reader like what are social media networks and why are they called this? Social networks are supposed to be a community where a few individuals expand their social reach via a networking platform like Twitter or Facebook and this concept stretches back to the 1920’s. As Moruzzi puts it: “Social media are what social networks become the moment investors start thinking about how to recoup the money they invested in these ventures”.

Moruzzi also talks about a topic he spoke in depth about in what happened to advertising at that is social media marketing. Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites, with efforts aimed at creating content that attracts interest and encourages readers to share it with their friends across their social networks. But the direct opposite can be seen in reality companies aren’t earning traffic to their websites because they do interesting things that eventually get shared on social media, but rather companies that send their customers away from their websites and over to Facebook and Twitter, so why do they do this? We there are 3 main reasons for this (1) companies don’t want consumers clogging up their websites with questions (2) to avoid appearing boring and finally (3) to create hype. This in itself is illogical and stupid as most companies don’t get any revenue from sending their consumers to social media networks. As we reach the halfway mark in this short book, Moruzzi makes the point that social media is useful for customer services to a degree but in reality no company really wants to interact with the customers. Moruzzi discusses the real value of social media to companies which I found particularly interesting to read and most readers will find the answer to this question surprising.

As we enter the final section of this book, Moruzzi makes the point that social media networking has no value to companies and then links social media to advertising. He also states that social media is just another way of advertising to a larger audience to many companies. Overall this book gives us a different perspective on social media and how most companies use it and what it actually means to them. If you use social media a lot for business or pleasure I highly recommend you read this book.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk    amazon.com


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